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1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R Turbo 6 Speed. Grey Metallic


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Silvia Spec R Turbo 6 Speed.




Grey Metallic


This example was sourced specifically to order for a customer. It's a Type R 6 Speed manual example. Spec includes: Dual SRS Airbags, Climate Control A/C, PAS, ABS, Electric windows (Auto up/down on drivers side), Electrically controlled door mirrors with retract mode, remote central locking. Original fitted mats. Note that no hifi is fitted, although there are some uprated speakers at each corner complete with remote tweeters at the front.There is an after mkt. rear spoiler fitted - an improvement over the standard unpopular item. Wheels are in excellent condition and are 17" Viersus 2 piece design. Tyres are in good condition (See pictures). Modifications include ZEAL coilover suspension complete with camber adjustable top mounts on the front, also lowering the ride slightly and improving both looks and handling. Performance wise the SR20DET (250BHP in Standard Form) has an HKS Silent Power stainless steel exhaust system (Catalyst Back). It is louder than std, although not excessive. The original catalyst is retained. Note that original suspension is also supplied with the car. This will be used in returning the car back to standard for the E-SVA test.

The S15 is a substantially improved car than the S14a in many ways, as follows:

1) Steering system stiffness has been increased to provide improved steering feel.
2) The front strut suspension and rear multi-link suspension has been carried over to the S15 Silvia.
3)Strengthening the upper member of the hood structure and adding reinforcements to rear pillars has increased body stiffness.
4)The Silvia spec-R series is fitted with ventilated front disc brakes with opposed 4-piston calipers, highly responsive (Optional) ABS and a larger brake booster.
5)The driving position has been ergonomically designed to allow quicker execution of driving controls and to provide a seating posture for minimal fatigue during driving.
6)The instrumentation is laid out with a large size tachometer positioned in the center of the cluster.
7)The Spec-R also comes with titanium-look instrument finishers and a 52mm boost pressure gauge is attached to the driver's side front pillar.

The auction grade of this example is 4 (Auction sheet is with the pictures and the original copy has been left in the centre console) As you'll see from the picture of the sheet, the car's in excellent condition. Most Silvias have been crash repaired - not this one! This example is in excellent condition. I did notice the rear n/s quarter and passenger door have been resprayed in the past. Checked inside the panels, no signs of any accident repair, which is as to be expected of a non accident graded car. Checking the bodywork carefully we noticed the following: Deep scratches on the front bumper n/s corner. Driver's door has a light vertical line dent on the lower section. On the bonnet and leading edges of the front wings there are some small pin dents. Also 2 very light scratches on the roof and a stone chip (See pictures). The the rear bumper there are also some scratches to the corners. On the boot lid there's a long scratch. For the smaller imperfections, these will be professionally touched in / Polished out. The boot lid and bumpers will be repainted to original finish. Repairs to faults described will be completed as part of scribed for the purpose of providing an accurate report. The centre console has some light scratches to the paint surface (Normally a fault on most S15's). Note the mat on the driver's side has a hole worn through from the heel position for the clutch. Also there is a small hole on the carpet adjacent. We are able to supply either some used original S15 floor mats, or my recommendation would be to have a complete set of new black tailored mats which we can supply at £125.00. These are made from the same deep pile material as Mercedes use for their fitted mats.

I test drove this Silvia for around 4km after warming it up. There are no mechanical faults to report with performance. Clutch is fine, with no warping from the brakes. Performance feels strong. I did notice some noise from the front suspension springs when turning the wheel. Will be asking Gareth to look into this when he removes the suspension to replace with standard for the E-SVA. The sound it makes sounds as if the springs are moving in their mounts when the steering's turned. Possibly lubrication, but can't know until the suspension's examined off the car.

Even with standard tune as far as boost is concerned, performance is strong from the 250 bhp this car gives as standard. Maximum std. boost is 0.5 Bar. With a boost controller - this car can handle 1 bar of boost - giving around 330 bhp. Beyond this, it can run 1.3 Bar provided a metal head gasket is fitted and the ECU is upgraded to provide greater fueling. can supply a Power FC unit complete with hand held controller for under £550 and injectors to upgrade from the current 480cc (std) units, to allow more boost. The turbos on these are able to take 1.3 bar.

Total OTR Price: £13,380.

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