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1994 Honda Civic SiR2 - Modified to JDM Street Spec. Black


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Civic SiR - Modified JDM Street Style






The original Honda Civic EG6 SiR (JDM only) is considered one of the best handling and quickest point to point front wheel drive cars ever made! The Civic was the first 4 seater car with which Honda introduced independent double wishbone suspension at each corner, giving maximum tyre contact at all times. The 1.6i DOHC V-Tec model was introduced in 1990 and produced right up to 2000 as an even more tweaked B16A tuned engine in the EK9 Civic Type R. Combined with a light weight of just 1020 kg, an ever willing engine making 162 bhp at 7,600 rpm with a V-Tec Zone that sounds goes much like that of a racing engine from 6,000 - 8,000 rpm, it's not hard to see why this car won so many admirers worldwide. Indeed, these first V-Tecs and their popularity were the cause of encouragement to Honda to produce Type R Civics and Integras from 1995 on. A classic with total pedigree - very sought after, especially if rust free - as this example is!
Today, the original EG6 Civic 1.6i DOHC V-Tec is all too scarce in top condition. UK examples are very rare often rusty MOT failures with filler and rippled panels, rusty A pilars, rusty rear arches, and many have been worn out through very high mileages. Even in Japan, where there's no corrosion in the warmer parts, most EG6's have long since passed their best days and are fairly tired, or have been converted into low priced track weapons! If you have ever seen one of these being driven hard on a tight small circuit, you'll understand why they're popular for racing use and especially sought after by V-Tec enthusiasts. We sometimes get asked for these EG6's, although the majority we find just aren't exciting enough. Result: This is the very FIRST example we have sourced for stock in 8 years! This example's been beautifully kept and evidently loved.
Cosmetic Modifications: Original Bomex full bodykit consisting of: Front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper. Rear wing with integrated brake light is by Mugen. Headlights are VCR Super clear style units. Rear lenzes are APC Euro Clear. Alternatively we're able to substitute the rear lenzes for white and red style type - if preferred. Door mirrors are Awro style - with integrated side repeaters. Wheels are 18" Sports items, complete with near new Federal 595S sports tyres on the front and Pirelli P7000's on the rear. Tyre size is 215/35/ZR18! Note: if preferred, we are able to fit mesh to the front bumper when it's removed for repair and repainting as part of full UK cost of this is not included in OTR price.Performance Modifications: An alloy cool air intake system with oil impregnated mesh filter is fitted, giving lots of lush intake roar - especially audiable as the V-Tec Zone is breached. Exhaust System is a cat back SARD Arouse Mig R. Fully adjustable coilovers consist of JIC FLT-2's at each corner, with 12kg/mm front springs and 6kg/mm rear springs. These give a firm, yet supple ride. Note that the bottoms of each coilover are height adjustable, meaning ride height can be set independently of spring preload. Of course damping is also adjustable. There's a Mugen radiator cap rated to 1.3 bar. Interior additions: Located on the dashboard is an Autometer Sport Comp Monster Rev counter, complete with user set shift light. Razo alloy pedal covers are fitted, in addition to an original Type R Honda titanium gear knob. Note that no hifi is fitted to this car.
Standard Equipment: Being of Japanese Spec. - There's the usual Honda equipment too, including standard limited slip differential, air conditioning, PAS, electric windows, original fitted mats, rear wiper, tinted windows with privacy rear glass, door wind deflectors, central locking, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, etc. Interior carries the uprated cloth trim introduced from 1993. This is in good original condition. There is a small cigarette burn on the driver's seat and also a burn mark on the carpet, close to the release for the tailgate / fuel filler cap. These will be repaired if the full OTR package is chosen. Note that the cover for the spare wheel is not included. Presumably there was previously a sub woofer built into there in the past, which would have been removed with the head unit by the last owner. We can source a new original at cost if preferred, although if we were keeping this car ourselves, for sure we'd fit a sub into the space available!
Auction grade is R. (Auction sheet available). It's had a minor and cosmetic front accident in the past and both wings were replaced with new, together with the bonnet. Also the front inner wing, forward of the suspension turret was replaced. Panel gaps are perfect. No structural repair was carried out. Clearly, the headlights were replaced with new - a good thing, as these usually yellow with age anyway. To be sure of seeing all faults on the bodywork, we washed then chamois leathered this car. Here's what we found: The front bumper has a crack on the centre and some cracks to the paintwork where it's been flexed. Also below the o/s headlight there's a fold, as shown on pictures. The n/s skirt has been scratched and touched in, as has the n/s/r bumper corner. On the roof, the paint's been damaged by strong sunlight. Each of these items will be repaired and repainted as part of full UK OTR package. Also noted are 3 small pin dents that have been touched in on the o/s quarter - These will be cleaned up and repaired by a professional dent removal specialist. All are small faults but described for the purpose of supplying a complete report of the car. Each of these faults we will repair repaint to high quality - if the option of full preparation in the UK is chosen.
Test Drive: Absolutely faultless with no mechanical faults to report, as usual with Hondas. Brakes work well, with no signs of warping, handling's tight and there's an awesome indiction roar and an intoxicating push in the back as the V-Tec zone is breached from 5,800 rpm, helped by the SARD Arouse Mig exhaust and the high flow induction kit. Handling is very good, although there is considerable tramlining and torque steer as a result of the 18" wheels fitted - To get an improvement in handling, we'd recommend changing to 15 or 16" wheels and tyres.
If you're after the very best original CR-X currently available, this is it!!
Complete with full UK conversions and registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, paintwork and pin dent repairs as described, full valetting and 6 month's road tax, this modified Civic SiR 2 is available at £5,650 OTR.
Alternatively we can also supply this car with bodywork as is, but fully UK converted, registered with 12 month’s warranty, MOT Tax at £5,210 OTR, or if you want to do all the UK mods, MOT and registration yourself (No SVA required on this car), price (Warranty optional but not included in this price) is : £4,630 Currently in Japan awaiting sale, this car can be reserve for prompt shipment with a deposit of £1,000. Please Contact Us for further information on how to reserve this Honda Civic SiR 2 DOHC 1.6i V-Tec.
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