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1992 Mazda RX-7 Type R Twin Turbo. Montego Blue Metallic


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RX-7 Type R Twin Turbo.




Montego Blue Metallic


Here at Newera Imports, we seek out the very best examples only. For RX-7's we pay particular importance to mileage and genuine condition. This fine example of an RX-7 has been beautifully looked after and covered just 19,421 genuine miles from new!
Once you completely understand a rotary, it makes a lot of sense. Vibration is much less than a conventional Piston engine. It's also a much lighter power plant, which makes a lot of sense again. Why carry a heavy weight at the front of a car if you don't have to? The RX-7 was engineered to be very light - even as far as making the jack from aluminium. Suspension arms are made from aluminium and it's a double wishbone design on each corner. Weight distribution is perfect at 50/50. Having no valves, pistons, etc. they're also much more easily tuned to get more power - although it's important to know what you're doing when tuning these. Contrary to general (un-informed) belief, the engines don't expire at low mileage - if well looked after. A standard tune engine should see 70,000 miles - some of the examples we have supplied are nearing 80,000 miles and still going well. Rebuilds are also easy and not as costly as people perceive - available in the UK from £2,000 - which then gives another 70,000 miles plus. Our own RX-7 is driven hard each time it goes out - often on racetracks, but comes back for more each time. After trying every Japanese sports car out here, to us - the RX-7 has stood above the rest as the sports car offering the most entertainment, best handling and most rewards for capable driving. The Japanese have plenty of very experienced specialists - the UK has a handful only. In order to understand these deeply, we tuned our own to our requirements, so we feel we know these cars extremely well and can therefore consistently hand-pick the very best examples available for each of our customers.
Modifications: Induction kit consists of an Apexi Dual funnel kit. Also situated alongside is an adjustable Apexi blow off valve. The exhaust from the cat-back is an RSR Exmag stainless steel unit. Some additional extras have been added, but it would appear these are mostly for aesthetic reasons: On the dashboard, mounted with double sided tape are a Pivot rev counter with programable shift light. Also there's an Apexi Air Flow converter, although this has no setting on it at all, so it's just used to show throttle position and revs. A Billion electronic fan controller allows the twin electric radiator cooling fans to be preset to come on at any desired temperature. Also, there's a turbo timer and a Blitz dual solenoid boost controller. The current setting for maximum boost is 0.6 bar. Quite conservative and safe. There's also some A pilar mounted electronic Apexi white faced gauges, showing boost and oil temperature. Suspension consists of Tanabe (Japanese suspension specialist manufacturer) fully adjustable coil-over suspension. The wheels have been replaced with Mazdaspeed MS-O2's - 17" Lightweight Forged Split Rim items, shod with healthy Yokohama DNA Grand Prix. sports tyres (255/40 ZR17 Rear, 235/45 ZR17 Front). There's a blue / black steering wheel, as well as a blue anodised shift knob. Hifi is a high quality Kenwood CD/MD/Radio unit. This is supplied free of charge with the car, together with the other electronic accessories. Please note that these electronics are easily and invisibly removed. The steering wheel can also be replaced with a black item, to bring the cockpit to a tidier level if preferred. Alternatively, why not use the performance this car is capable of and treat it to an Apexi Power FC ECU! That should release around 60 bhp more, by enabling safe running of 0.9 bar of boost!
Please check out the parts available on to see what we can offer to further improve RX-7's!
Original equipment includes: Front and rear original strut braces, twin oil coolers (best for keeping oil within the optimum operating temperature), factory option driving lights, original lightweight alcantara suede sports seats, rear seats incl. seatbelts, PAS, E/W (Auto up/down on drivers side), A/C, 3 channel ABS, original fitted mats. The original tool kit is complete and unused and includes the optional additional tool tray. Spare tyre is also unused. A factory option rear parcel shelf is also fitted.
We test drove this RX-7 thoroughly for handling, acceleration and braking, and found it drives absolutely faultlessly. Engine and a complete mechanical integrity check was carried out. There are no faults at all to report and the car feels tight and rattle free. With a car of such low weight, standard power is plenty with 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 160 mph. Handling is also amongst the very best available, with double wishbone alloy suspension on each corner. By far the best suspension available for production cars - and very rare except on the most exotic. The uprated Tanabe suspension enhances the excellent balance of comfort and handling.The bodywork on this example is largely original, improved with small details. The factory front lip spoiler has been replaced with a fibreglass item, that's been colour coded by the previous owner, improving the front end look. The rear wing has been replaced for a genuine Mazdaspeed GT spec. Front rear arch flares have been fitted too. Mirrors are now Ganador units which incorporate remote controls, compatible with the standard electrics. Note that the rear lights fitted are 1999+ style examples.
Auction grade is 4 (Copy of the auction sheet is available). In excellent condition throughout. The only fault to report with the interior are 2-3 marks on the alcantara suede of the driver' seat. Exterior: Front bumper has some scratches, which have been touched in. Driver's door has a pin dent. The n/s/f arch needs repair, as the tyre has rubbed on it from being too low set (We will raise the suspension in UK to avoid this happening any further. There are some paint touch up areas on the rear hatch. This is from a rear smoked perspex visor that's been previously fitted, we think. Also on the boot lid, there's some marks on the paint, where the original spoiler had been mounted before. On the n/s edge of the roof, there's 'small dent. Also there's a small scratch on the n/s/r corner, by the fuel filler flap. Each of these faults will be repaired and professionally painted as part of UK production, but they're each mentioned herewith to provide an accurate description. This example was cherished by it's prevoius owner and very rarely used! The engine is in fine health with high oil pressure and nearly new oil. The turbos are healthy and this car gives perfect starting every time. From test drive - it's producing an excellent spread of power - perfectly healthy and with plenty of life to give with mileage this low. For complete peace of mind, a comprehensive Motorcare warranty will be supplied with this car. Amongst the full cover, it includes rotor tips and water seals.
As this is not a tuned example, it is very suitable both for daily driving as a weekend toy, for all wanting a beautiful looking original 3rd Generation RX-7. Alternatively it provides a very original, unmolested, low mileage modifying base!!
Including full UK conversions, de-restriction and recalibration of odometer to miles, registration, road tax, new MOT and a year's comprehensive Motorcare warranty this car is available for A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for shipment. Please Contact us to obtain full information on how to reserve this RX-7.
Newera Imports - The only supplier consistently recommended by UK club members and the UK's top RX-7 tuners for supplying the best hand picked RX-7's!

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