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2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 GSR Yellow


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Lancer Evo 8 GSR






2003 (March) Lancer Evo 8 GSR. 6 Speed Manual. It's in nearly brand new condition!
Standard equipment includes: PAS, SRS Airbags, ABS, ACD, Rear Wiper, HID Headlights, Remote Central Locking, etc. There is no hifi fitted, as standard, although there's a radio cassette unit fitted. Chances are you'll probably want to upgrade this in the UK. Optional extras include side wind deflectors, , rear privacy glass, Manufacturer fitted immobiliser.

The last owner has spent approximately £5,000 on improvements to this car. The exhaust is titanium (weights around 5kg only!) from the catalyst back and there's a carbon fibre bumper trim, to stop it from getting too hot. Also included is a baffle which can be used to quieten the exhaust - for example to pass scrutineering on track days. The exhaust sounds a bit louder than standard - but is unobtrusive - sound better than standard, even at idle. Maker of the exhaust is most likely "Signal" a highly reputable titanium exhaust specialist in Japan. In the engine bay, there is an ARC alloy exhaust manifold heat shield fitted. Looks a lot nicer than std. Wheels are 17" Workmeister S1's - very strong and lightweight forged alloy. Tyres are high performance standard Japanese spec items - with plenty of wear remaining. Suspension consists of Buddy Club Racing Spec. fully adjustable coil overs. These give a firm, but supple ride - which is comfortable for road use but ultimately a lot better than std. for trackday use. Currently they're set to quite a low ride height - to give a more agressive stance. Brake pads are uprated with Super High Performance Pads, which are better under hard use. The interior has a Cusco electronically adjustable shift light fitted. Also the driver's seat rails have been substituted for a lower ride set. Originals are in the boot, in case you want to return the seat height to std. There's not a lot of difference, although it's probably better for taller drivers to leave as it is. Also, note that the rear wing is fitted with Carbon fibre blade and trim, which is the same as that fitted to Evo 8 MR models. The laquer on the top of the wing is a bit milky, although this will most likely come off with some polishing.

This is the same spec. as a UK Evo 8 GSR FQ330. With the exhaust fitted, it's going to be making approximately 320 bhp in this spec.
To get full information on the complete specification of a standard Lancer Evo 8 GSR, please visit: to get a full Lancer Evo buyer's guide in downloadable .pdf format - containing info on all Lancer models ever produced. This will be more comprehensive than any description we could put here!

Auction grade is 5. Aside from the slightly milky patches on the after mkt. carbon fibre spoiler blade, there are no faults at all to report with this car . Copy of auction sheet is available. It's in stunningly good condition with absolutely no signs of hard use. Not even a stone chip!

Taking into account the cost of UK taxes, shipping, insurance, UK modifications and adaption to pass SVA, MOT SVA testing, Model report hire, UK registration, valetting, - The of our £900 set fee is: £19,680. Contact us for full details or to source a Lancer Evo to your required specification!

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