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RX-7 Type R2 Limited - Concours condition example in completely standard (OEM) specification.


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RX-7 Type R2 Limited




Silver Metallic (3L)


This RX-7 took us around 2 months of daily searching to find and was sourced to fill an order. With most examples on offer nowadays being tired and in need of major expense to put completely right, we hadn't wanted to compromise so continued to search until we found this excellent example - which we're now proud to put our name behind. Comparing closely with other examples on offer elsewhere, you can see why this car offers much better value for money than typically abused and pooly cared for examples. It's essentially a concours condition car.As it cost considerably below the customer's budget, we were able to add a genuine 1999 front bumper, bumper lights and a brand new front lip spoiler, in addition to a genuine 1999+ adjustable rear spoiler. These parts were sourced used, but in good condition, then painted to match original bodywork before being fitted by ourselves. In addition the customer specified brand new 18 inch Work XD9 wheels and good quality sports tyres combined with RAYS Alumite wheel nuts. These modifications retain originality as they're OEM parts, except for the wheels, which also help modernise the car to a timeless level. Note there is no rear wiper on this example. It was an original option and thankfully the single previous owner from new had the good taste to not have one fitted when new. It makes the rear end a lot "cleaner".
An FD3S RX-7 as standard has excellent junior supercar performance doesn't require major tuning. Better for road use is to have a non-tempermental car which will give 10's of thousands of miles and help paste a cheesy driver's smile.
Interior: Being an R2 Limited model there are no rear seats at all, just the lightweight and desirable storage bins and removable gate for the luggage area. Note there's no ashtray or cigar lighter. Instead there's a useful padded box where the driver's elbow can rest and a delete bung in the cigar lighter socket. This has made the car remain quite "new" in smell too. Original equipment includes: PAS, P/W, AC, ABS, dual oil coolers, front rear strut brace, unused original tool kit (Optional toll tray is included but note there is a missing insert for the screwdriver - One can be obtained new if desired) spare, fitted mats, sports seats, etc.
Further Upgrades: Although nothing further is needed for this car, we're specialists in the supply of performance parts for RX-7's and know these cars very well, owning 2 ourselves. For more details please ask us for suggestions or visit:
Test Drive: Oil pressure is high, regularly serviced and well maintained with a recent oil change and new spark plugs fitted by ourselves, - this car runs very sweetly - just an an RX-7 is meant to. We test drove this car briefly and found it to drive very well indeed. With no squeaks or rattles at all when passing over bumps, an engine that pulls strongly all the way from idle, brakes that have virtually no wear and paintwork gleaming - from having been regularly polished and garaged since new.This car belonged to a mature owner since new who liked to have a nice performance car but hardly used it, by the looks of it. With so few stone chips and paint in superb condition throughout the car, with only one tiny pin dent on the front wing another on the inside of th wheel arch only it's evident this car was always well cared for and not driven hard.
Condition Report: The auction grade is 4.0. Condition is outstanding. Although there were minor scratches on the original front bumper splitter these are now all gone, with the new items fitted of course. There's a small pin dent on the n/s/f wing close to the headlight and also one on the inside of the wheel arch. These are too minor to require repair, although we can ask a dent specialist to remove them if desired, for a small additional cost if preferred. On the boot lid there are two holes left from the original spoiler's mounting position (Other holes are all used by the 1999 rear spoiler). We have blocked the original holes using high quality Probolt Stainless steel items with thin gaskets. These won't corrode or dull, as they're meant for motorbike fairings. There are some minor marks left from where dirt collected under the original spoiler's mountings. These have dyed into the paint so they cannot be polished out - but they're not easily noticable and not significant enough to require paint. In any case, it's always best to retain original factory paint when on a car this original and well preserved.
RX-7's in as beautiful low mileage modified condition as this combined at an affordable price are extremely hard to find nowadays. This example's clearly been hardly used. The engine is in fine health with high oil pressure engine. It's producing an excellent spread of power - perfectly healthy and with plenty of life to give with mileage this low. For further peace of mind, a 12 month warranty will be supplied with this car also covering rotor tips and water seals.
Including full front bumper, 1999 bumper lights, splitter and fitting kit, rear spoiler, paintwork fitting of body improvements, crystal coating the new XD9 wheels before fitment, UK registration, road tax, new MOT, 12 month's warranty -
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