• Pete Sargeant

    I am absolutely loving the Silvia Spec R Aero! Thank-you. It gets lots of love everywhere I go.
    I’ve literally had people stop me just to talk about it.
    I'm doing a couple of changes this weekend hopefully, TEIN Flex Z Coil overs so I can dial in the ride height I want. Also, I'm replacing the boost gauge with a Defi unit; seems to be a common modification on these.

    We need to have a serious chat about my dream wheels, as I'm having no luck on the second-hand U.K. market.
    All the best, hope to hear from you soon,

  • Carlos Queiros

    I’ve had a total of 3 cars and one bike from Newera over the years: a Celica TRD Type M, then a VTR SP2, a budget people carrier in which to ship it to the U.K. (Voxy - family runabout) and a 2.5 Forester STi. Fortunately I’ve kept the two best ones (Forester and the bike) and they continue to regularly bring smiles to my face. Miguel has always been totally straight with me and is the most knowledgeable car (& bike!) enthusiast I know. As my family began to grow, I needed to sell my beloved TRD Celica, so Miguel offered to advertise it on my behalf and soon it was sold. The new owner was super happy with Newera’s service and quality too. The replacement Forester STi was my first family car & being a perfectionist, I wanted one in the best possible condition with lowest mileage I could afford. Newera didn’t disappoint, I got an amazing car that’s still going strongly years later and still looks fantastic. The car came with RAYS CE28’s and other performance parts to which I had Newera add TEIN coilovers with EDFC and other performance & cosmetic modifications, each added before the car left Japan for the U.K. The reason I got an SP2 was because of Miguel’s enthusiasm for his own. As usual, he was right – a fantastic & glorious machine that I’ll keep forever. Although the 90’s and 00’s classics are becoming harder to find with each passing year, Newera continues to supply better and better cars; a testament to their commitment and enthusiasm. I would strongly recommend Newera to anybody who seeks the best quality and service there is.

  • Kevin Etheridge

    Hi Miguel, Just to say I put up a description of the import process and the timescales to be expected at the different points of the process and my satisfaction with your service and the car on the Clubvr4.com website. This was a private message, to begin with to one of the more active members on there who is considering an import and after reading he thought it needed to go into the public forum. If you're interested it’s in this location on the forum. • UK Area • UK Chat • My pleasant experience of importing ( is the title of the post ) So there’s yourself and your website quoted there. I got under the car properly recently and yes it is clean, so clean! The AP Racing Brakes are amazing. never have I had such confidence in stopping ( dry conditions only of course)! It’s plenty quick enough off the line for my liking so no real need for anything more to be done. The boost controller is excellent and a must have mod on this car, together with the bigger intercooler and exhaust system. I would say compared to the German modern-day estates, power wise in the mid to top end, the turbos are just too small for what you experience from the modern day cars. Their fuel consumption is amazing but they are SOooo expensive to buy and after an Audi RS4 turns a decade old, I wouldn’t want to try and fix one myself with all that computer wizardry. So the Legnum VR-4 Type-S has a place of its own as so much cheaper to buy and service. That’s about all really. Lovely V6 sound, Miguel. Dad loved it. Thanks again. It’s an absolute hoot to drive & I can get my Table saw in the back for the family DIY jobs and my bike. All the best, Kev

  • Peter Prada

    I would like to thank you for sourcing a great Benz E320 Limited Wagon, and seamlessly organising everything required to get it shipped promptly and securely - James also did a great job in dealing with everything at the U.K. end. It was an additional surprise bonus that it arrived ahead of schedule ! The car is in wonderful condition and having driven it for a month or two, is lovely on the road and a great step forward from my rather tired, previous E220 estate. There are a couple of minor niggles (pulls to the left ever so slightly, and sometimes misses a first-time start) but these can easily be sorted out. In fact, I must share my first memory as I drove home after collecting it – I just couldn’t help myself… I stopped on the hard shoulder and got out. As a 40 something year-old man jumping up & down vigorously with glee, I did get some rather amused looks from passers-by, but I cared not. I finally have the perfect w124 wagon. Thank you Newera!

  • Thomas Darragh

    I’ve been using Newera for many years. Although my R33 GT-R was purchased elsewhere before I discovered, almost every single performance part on the car was sourced via discussions on the phone with Miguel, who has always advised me with complete honesty on what I should and shouldn’t have, showing me that his focus is on customers having best possible results, not on making a profit primarily. There are few companies today with this kind of work ethos When it came to the time to build my 2.8 V-Cam engine with Borg Warner Twins – although Miguel could have sold me a Renik or Nismo engine, after listening to what I’d like to have he led me confidently in the direction of RB Motorsport, who in turn has created a fantastic engine for me, which they currently use a picture of as part of their advertising. Miguel & I speak regularly on the phone, often just for a chat, as we have become friends over the years. Recently I’ve bought another Skyline GT-R (a 32) from Newera as my R33 is just too nice now to use except for very special occasions and only ever comes out in the summer. Miguel will be fitting many parts I have ordered through Newera for the 32 before it leaves Japan and having seen his workmanship I’ve no doubt he’ll do a perfect job of my new car. Having known Newera & Miguel for 10 years now, I’ll never buy a Japanese car anywhere else and recommend this company above all others, since no other source can offer the bespoke service of using decades of experience to personally select cars in Japan AND source and fit all the parts I’d want before the car leaves Japan. If you’re thinking of getting a car from Japan, Newera is by far the best way forward.

  • René Boon

    In September last year, I saw a beautiful and very rare Renault 5 Turbo 2 Evo (Group B Homologation) for sale on the Newera website, my dream car! The advert was well documented with over 60 pictures and extensive information about the special background of the car. This caused me to send an enquiry to the website which was immediately answered by Miguel. Since then, we have had extensive e-mail contact because I had a large number of questions about this car. He answered all my questions very punctually and extensively, and based on this, I bought the car. I collected it in the UK at the address of Miguel's UK business partner James Baum. Back in Holland, I am very happy with my car and I wish to thank Miguel and James for their kind and professional cooperation. René Boon, Hoog Soeren, The Netherlands.

  • Ben Handford

    Just wanted to let you know I made it home to Norfolk in one piece with a big smile on my face. Best 3 hours in a car for many, many years. Got pulled over by the police for having a brake light out ,but they seemed more interested in having a look round the car, think they loved it too, they couldn’t believe the condition of it! Once again I would like to thank you so much - I am a very happy customer. I will, as promised get some pics in the next couple of weeks and will share with you on Newera Facebook page along with another glowing testimonial. Many thanks! Ben


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