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Skyline R32 GT-R. Nismo turbos, extensive Nismo & Mine's upgrades.

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Stunning Condition Throughout and ready to go, in the U.K.


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From extensive experience of being the top source of Skyline GT-R’s since 1998, we began predicting that 32 GT-R's were destined to become prized classics as far back as 2009. At first, few believed us, despite our knowledge of the JDM market, but roll on a decade or so and by now all enthusiasts have witnessed the sharp decline in availability in Japan of the best Skyline GT-Rs and an accompanying steady but strong rising in values, especially for high spec. rust free examples that are destined to continue unabated.

With their increasing desirability and continuing strengthening of demand exceeding supply, we are seeing the best examples fetch ever higher prices in Japan. Even the Japanese are bewildered, as this is the first time they’d seen most of their cars of an era become modern classics and appreciate this rapidly. Nowadays, it’s a no-brainer. Japan built some of the world’s best driver’s cars in the ’90s. The secrets have been out for quite some time now...

It's become a no-brainer and generally accepted that prices in other countries will continue to rise for years to come, not only as the US market had long been wanting to import these cars legally, but because these are now firmly cars that are collectable.

As a sum of all parts, the prized best-modified examples are in some ways even more sought after, provided they’ve been tuned by the best (usually in Japan) with use of high-quality parts, as opposed to amateurs with shallow pockets and a penchant for eBay copied goods. The undesirable difference of a poorly looked after Skyline GT-R compared to a pampered one with a no expense spared attitude, is usually obvious at 20 paces to all but the least knowledgeable.

The R32 GT-R is today a PlayStation generation cult car which was originally built by Nissan to show off just what it was capable of during the Japanese ‘80’s – ‘90’s bubble economy. It was well ahead of its time, so much so that it was banned from racing, except in Japan, where it cleaned up against all Group A Also rans. The Skyline R32 is today a consummate legend.

Originally sold only in Japan with a sprinkling of examples officially supplied to Australia. Although just under a total of 44,000 were built, back from the days when these were cheap and plentiful and few realised what classics they’d become, the vast majority were already long dead from neglect, abuse and poor quality modifications, a decade ago. Such cars were abused, crashed, broken and sold for parts, so today there are few really nice examples left, even in Japan. Even Nissan has recognized these are Heritage cars and re-introduced some parts, at a large premium, sold by Nismo Japan, rather than Nissan nowadays.

We’d optimistically estimate that between 15-25% of production still exist as running cars in usable condition, but due to the prohibitive cost of restoration of those – the cars which are still complete & in the stunning condition is - optimistically speaking, less than 3,500 or so, in total - worldwide. Possibly even a lot less than this figure...

We’re rarely seeing any of the sort of spec & condition of this example for sale in Japan. Perhaps 20-30 per year, but most are fetching such high prices now, it’s likely they’ll be staying in Japan with no likelihood they'll be exported now, let alone in future as domestic Japanese prices continue to rise. The supply has all but dried up.


Starting with a completely rust free & well preserved example, the previous Japanese owner had the car colour changed from original KL0 Silver to WV2 Dark Silver Metallic (This is a later shade that was only offered on Skyline R34 GT-R's in the last 2 years of production - not to be confused with the dark silver KR4 also found on 1997 R33 GT-R's and some 1999 R34 GT-R's - which is a lighter shade). It's clear to us he also liked upgrades of highest-available quality. This GT-R is loaded with Nismo upgrades, inclusive of not only suspension arms, but Nismo Turbos too, which are capable of compressing enough intake air to produce 550 bhp, even though it's only boosting conservatively enough to produce around 370 bhp. The interior has also been upgraded with a full retrim by Robson Leather; Japan's premier and most respected specialist, who has converted many top quality GT-R's. Standard equipment also includes: ABS, Hicas 4 wheel steering, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, rear wiper, etc.


Paintwork remains superb throughout, indicating this was a good quality car that was worth the investment refreshing it before it came into our hands in 2016. Note the genuine Nismo bumper ducts and (replica) rear lip spoiler. Original Nismo trunk lip spoilers tend to warp from corrosion, there’s no such problem here. Paintwork is excellent throughout and has been equally well cared for by the U.K. owner who only used the car during summer weather over the last 2 years since being imported. Photographs & service history clearly show he’s cared for the car fastidiously since it was imported in the summer of 2016 by ourselves. There are some minor stone chips to the front bumper as to be expected, but condition remains first class and is not to be compared to typical Skyline GT-R’s that show clear signs of ageing and neglect. There are also rare (discontinued) Nissan original side visors fitted. Crystal orange front indicators are also another rare feature, as these too are no longer produced.


Inside, there's the aforementioned Robson Leather full retrim, which includes the door panels and rear side panels too, replaced presumably because of typical discolouring and ageing found on original 32 trim. Note the dashboard is also almost free of the usual unsightly bubbles found in typically UV damaged 32's (original dashboards are discontinued by Nissan). Nismo fitted floor mats are also included. A Nismo Carbon shift knob is featured and there's a Momo Race steering wheel and leather handbrake + handle too. A 320km/h speedometer has replaced the original to allow the car to have no speed limiter whilst still being able to display speeds above 180 km/h. Especially on 32's, we recommend leaving the speedo in km/h so the HICAS (Which is speed-sensitive & fed from the signal of the speedometer itself) works as designed. An Apexi 60mm boost gauge is also neatly fitted into a Greddy A-Pilar mount.


Power & cosmetics have been improved for enhanced but sensible road use, but with an easy option to upgrade to more power - since there are Nismo Turbos already fitted. Fueling is handled by a Mine's ROM ECU, air filtration handled by an Apexi Power Intake induction kit. The ARC Intercooler is a plate & fin-type, this being one of the most expensive intercoolers available in Japan, offering good high-speed flow & improved intake charge cooling. An HKS Hard Piping kit effectively stops the problem of piping coming off at higher boost levels too. An HKS Oil cooler with thermostatic remote oil filter block (oil bypasses the cooler until it gets to proper working temperature) is fitted. The oil cooler element is mounted as HKS intended, on the front panel, behind the grille. Note also the Earl's fittings included in this kit. A Nismo front pipe is heat-wrapped to help make the catalyst work at best efficiency and a Nismo Cat-back exhaust with Carbon-wrapped Tailpipe is also fitted. This has a midsection silencer too, so it's sporty but not too loud. If left at the current level of tune, we'd expect this engine has plenty of trouble-free life to give. Currently, this engine makes around 370 bhp @ a conservative 0.9 bar of boost.