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R32 GT-R Skyline. A Stunning Modern Classic. Tuned by Garage Saurus, Japan.

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One of just 5% built with original AH3 Paint code.


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PRICE £58,395



From extensive experience of being the top source of Skyline GT-R’s since 1998, we began predicting that 32 GT-R's were destined to become prized classics as far back as 2009. At first, few believed us, despite our knowledge of the JDM market, but roll on a decade or so and by now all enthusiasts have witnessed the sharp decline in availability in Japan of the best Skyline GT-Rs and an accompanying steady but strong rising in values, especially for high spec. rust free examples that are destined to continue unabated.

With their increasing desirability and continuing strengthening of demand exceeding supply, we are seeing the best examples fetch ever higher prices in Japan. Even the Japanese are bewildered, as this is the first time they’d seen most of their cars of an era become modern classics and appreciate this rapidly. Nowadays, it’s a no-brainer. Japan built some of the world’s best driver’s cars in the ’90s. The secrets have been out for quite some time now...

It's become a no-brainer and generally accepted that prices in other countries will continue to rise for years to come, not only as the US market had long been wanting to import these cars legally, but because these are now firmly cars that are collectable.

As a sum of all parts, the prized best-modified examples are in some ways even more sought after, provided they’ve been tuned by the best (usually in Japan) with use of high-quality parts, as opposed to amateurs with shallow pockets and a penchant for eBay copied goods. The undesirable difference of a poorly looked after Skyline GT-R compared to a pampered one with a no expense spared attitude, is usually obvious at 20 paces to all but the least knowledgeable.

The R32 GT-R is today a PlayStation generation cult car which was originally built by Nissan to show off just what it was capable of during the Japanese ‘80’s – ‘90’s bubble economy. It was well ahead of its time, so much so that it was banned from racing, except in Japan, where it cleaned up against all Group A Also rans. The Skyline R32 is today a consummate legend.

Originally sold only in Japan with a sprinkling of examples officially supplied to Australia. Although just under a total of 44,000 were built, back from the days when these were cheap and plentiful and few realised what classics they’d become, the vast majority were already long dead from neglect, abuse and poor quality modifications, a decade ago. Such cars were abused, crashed, broken and sold for parts, so today there are few really nice examples left, even in Japan. Even Nissan has recognized these are Heritage cars and re-introduced some parts, at a large premium, sold by Nismo Japan, rather than Nissan nowadays.

We’d optimistically estimate that between 15-25% of production still exist as running cars in usable condition, but due to the prohibitive cost of restoration of those – the cars which are still complete & in the stunning condition is - optimistically speaking, less than 3,500 or so, in total - worldwide. Possibly even a lot less than this figure...

We’re rarely seeing any of the sort of spec & condition of this example for sale in Japan. Perhaps 20-30 per year, but most are fetching such high prices now, it’s likely they’ll be staying in Japan with no likelihood they'll be exported now, let alone in future as domestic Japanese prices continue to rise. The supply has all but dried up.


This example is one of the best looking we've had & has been beautifully preserved and considerably improved, not only externally, where the end result is stunning, but mechanically too. The interior is also well preserved with its original cloth that has much less fading than usual on these 32's, a sure sign it's always been stored indoors & out of the elements & sun when not in use.
Standard equipment includes ABS, Hicas 4-wheel steering, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control Air Conditioning, Power Steering, remote mirrors with retract mode, Central Locking, rear wiper, Tinted Windows. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained since new. The engine bay, interior, carpets, indicator stalk, pedal rubbers, oil pressure, etc.- all indicate low wear and a mature owner’s attention to detail, care & maintenance.


This Skyline GT-R comes with the most desirable original Nismo styling options which include original bumper ducts, bonnet lip, side skirts and rear spoiler lip. A set of N1 headlights are also featured and these have an HID conversion too. There's also a set of original side visors. We note these front & rear spoiler lips are not warped from inner corrosion, which indicates this car has not sat outside when not in use. Essentially, all of the most desirable Nismo original styling items are included, which combined, are worth strong money today, in Japan and other countries. Not hundreds of £, but thousands now, as the sum of all parts on cars like these continue to appreciate.


As with pretty much every Skyline R32 GT-R there are some bubbles formed on the dashboard as shown in pictures. It's rare to come across a 32 interior still so original now over 2 ½ decades after production ended, with so little fading to the seat material's colour. Aside from other signs noted of the exterior cosmetics, this further serves to confirm this Skyline GT-R has been mostly stored under shelter from UV light (which tends to bleach the material) throughout its pampered life.

Interior Modifications: A set of Omori 52mm water, oil temp & oil pressure gauges are fitted in place of the original 3 gauge set. There is also a Greddy 52mm boost gauge.
An Auto Meter racing rev counter with adjustable shift light is fitted but realistically we feel this is unlikely to be desired by some. For now, we’ve left it as is, but if preferred this can be completely removed and the hole for mounting deleted by a professional contracted interior repairs specialist at no additional cost.

As the original was worn, we fitted a Robson Leather re-trimmed original steering wheel and matching side brake & shift boot. Finally, in the interests of presentation, a new set of Nismo R32 GT-R fitted floor mats have also been fitted.


Power & cosmetics have been improved for enhanced but sensible road use. Tuning has been completed by Garage Saurus, which is highly respected as one of Japan’s most knowledgeable Skyline tuners since 1990. Amongst their work, they develop Greddy and OS Giken Products and are known for always using top-quality components and they're one of Japan's best known 32 specialists, courtesy of their amazing demo cars including Time-Attack, Drag, etc.
There is an M's Intake kit, which offers good filtration without restriction. To allow higher boost to be run there's an HKS intercooler hard pipe kit, connected to an HKS Type R Intercooler. HKS GT-SS turbos including HKS actuators allow up to 1.4 bar boost settings to be safely run, combined with an HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket. A Saurus ROM ECU is fitted and boost levels are controlled by an HKS EVC 'Black Limited' Boost controller. There's a Nismo front pipe feeding exhaust gases via a Saurus Drag-R Exhaust which makes a good sound under load without being excessively loud. With the increased boost, cooling has also been taken care of with a Top Secret Super Radiator, With Racing oil catch tank & Greddy 9-row oil cooler kit accompanied by a remote oil filter mount & thermostatic housing.

Note care has been taken to smooth & polish the original intake plenum, 'Twin Turbo' intake pipe and intake pipe to the rear turbo. The clutch is an OS Giken twin-plate unit. To help lay the power down effectively there is a Nismo GT rear Limited Slip Differential complete with a finned V-Spec rear diff cover to maximize cooling. The cam & coil pack cover set has been repainted in gold, complete with a plaque from a Nur Spec R34.

Currently, it’s is running standard injectors & boost is set to 0.9 bar which shows the turbo upgrade was for reliability, rather than for the production of increased power. With 350-370 bhp, performance is certainly not lacking, but should the desire ever arise, it wouldn't require much more in terms of upgrades or cost to be able to run up to 1.4 bar of boost. Just injectors, airflow meters and a fuel pressure regulator & possibly an upgraded in-tank fuel pump would be needed, in addition to a remappable ECU since the Saurus Ron ECU is only remappable by Garage Saurus themselves. However, the most costly upgrades are already taken care of with regard to turbos, cooling, etc. The option for more performance is tantalizingly possible, here.