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Legacy Outback Eyesight XT 2.5 Turbo Tiptronic. 265 bhp. A Very Capable & Safe Family Vehicle.

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Original Japanese Market Supplied. Low Mileage and with Zero Corrosion, in Top Condition.


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PRICE £8,595



If you appreciate the difference between genuine quality (as in reliability and customer satisfaction) versus what is dubbed 'perceived quality' (soft touch interiors and reassuring door slam sounds), you'll probably already be a big fan of the Subaru Outback. Strongly built, with no-nonsense engineering, peerlessly reliable, the Outback is the most dependable car of its ilk and, as such, makes a very smart used buy.

All the Subaru trademarks continue. The frameless windows offering excellent visibility, the boxer engine retaining its much-loved burble and the all-wheel-drive transmission that is unstoppable in any weather conditions.
These 2.5 XT Turbo Legacy Outback are the most performance-oriented of the range, with 260 bhp; more than enough power for a sensible family car. From 2007 on, these featured the SI-Drive system that manifests itself as a round dial on the centre console and steering wheel-mounted buttons. I addition, this is the Eyesight model which offers additional safety features. Owners love these and it's not hard to see just why.


The Legacy GH8 XT Turbo is the strongest performing variant of the Outback models, which all have generous ground clearance of 8.4" at its lowest point (210cm). Although renowned for their capability off-road and in slippery weather conditions, on-road handling is also excellent and owners report finding these to be very capable performance cars, which, in typically modern Subaru style, are discreet and give no clues to the available performance. There isn’t even a “Turbo” badge on this model, to give the game away.

This is the facelift model of the original GH8 design first introduced in 2003, which carries many improvements in aspects including design, performance, equipment and of course safety. In 2007 Subaru updated with important revisions, which made this a better car in almost all aspects, including making its engine stronger than ever.

We’ve already mentioned design. Now there’s Si drive which allows the driver to select 'Intelligent', 'Sport' or 'Sport Sharp' modes which, in that order, deliver increasingly urgent throttle responses along with a growing eagerness to kick down into a lower gear when paired with the new 5-speed automatic gearbox (which can also be controlled via wheel-mounted buttons). The Intelligent mode provides a more relaxed and fuel-efficient driving experience. This is an Eyesight equipped model, which is an original Subaru system that supports safe driving by using stereo cameras to monitor the road ahead and apply sophisticated control when necessary. The stereo cameras enable the system to constantly scan the area in front of the vehicle and judge distance similarly to human eyes. Advanced recognition capabilities enable EyeSight to distinguish vehicles, pedestrians, and lane markings, monitor wide viewing angles, visually confirm distances and recognize brake lights through colour imaging. Based on driving conditions and information obtained by its “eyes,” the software constituting the system’s “brain” judges the necessary degree of control and can act to apply appropriate vehicle control in accordance with circumstances, for example lane control at over 38 mph, or for keeping a safe distance from the car in front when using cruise control. It can, of course, be switched off when its use is not desired. There is also traction-control to add more than is already a feature given by permanent 4WD.


For this facelift model, Subaru poached Alfa Romeo’s Andreas Zapatinas and in doing so, they snagged a very capable designer.
Styling was sharpened, excised of all the fussy detailing and gawky lines. The basic silhouette still shouts Subaru, but the deftness of detail in the headlamps, the swage lines and the perceived tension in the body is something that prior to this model, had eluded the crayon-wielders at Subaru. Everything is just that little bit neater. The (HID) factory headlights are more tear-drop shaped, the side mirrors house Mercedes style side repeaters, the wheel arches bulge gently out, topped by a pronounced hip. The Outback also features plastic mouldings on the lower parts of the doors, which offer increased protection so typically desired with young family use. The roof pillars are elegantly slim and the wheels do a better job of filling the arches, even though there are a generous 21cm of ground clearance in these Outback models. The sign of a good design is one that doesn’t age and despite its workhorse-like intentions and abilities. These still fresh & modern, today and will continue to remain so; with the effect enhanced, because of their rarity on U.K. roads.


Although it's not quite Audi or BMW presentability, the interior is also improved from the pre-facelift models with better design, materials and comfort for all occupants. Head and legroom are generousfor all occupants and the seats are supportive and comfortable and being a Subaru Legacy estate, the luggage area is cavernous too. The spec. list is too large to list every feature, but we will mention the most important items.
The spec. with a JDM car is as usual very high and this example is no exception. There are powered front seats, automatic climate control, Keyless ignition & security system (2 smart keys included), push start button, clear digital electroluminescent instrumentation, privacy glass, leather-trimmed steering wheel, reversing camera and LCD screen, luggage tonneau cover, rear wash/wipe, factory alloy wheel and dual exhausts. Mirrors have retract mode and other normal electrical features are included such as central locking, etc. Front driving lights are included in the spec. and unusually for a JDM car rear fog light is also already fitted.
The privacy glassed boot area is cavernous on these; larger than many SUV’s, also equipped with foldable split rear seats, ready for carrying larger loads.
The Legacy Outback has a reputation in the U.S. for being very safe, strong cars, a market that is particularly critical of such things. With excellent crash protection features also include modern ISOFIX baby seat anchors, front and side curtain airbags and strong, powerful brakes.
For someone wanting a family car with better performance, handling and reliability than the norm in SUV’s, this is the wise thinking man’s performance choice. The sheer amount it offers for the financial outlay is truly excellent and hard to beat for its class.


The XT is a model that was never sold in the U.K. although, surprisingly they did offer the same engine in other models such as the Impreza, so servicing these isn’t a problem; they’re just like any other EJ25 Subaru engine. Performance is effortless, with 260 bhp on tap @ 6000 rpm. The engine has variable valve timing, to enable it to produce a peak torque of 245 ft-lbs. @ just 3600 rpm.
The five-speed automatic transmission provides manual gear selection using steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Power is sent through the standard full-time all-wheel drive. A unique SI-Drive system is also available that allows three different driving modes: "Intelligent," "Sport" and "Sport Sharp" and there’s traction control as an added feature. The bias is constantly variable through the torque-sensing centre differential & traction control electronics, so traction is always sent to the wheels able to transmit the most drive. This is an improved system over its pre-facelift sibling, which results in better traction and drivability.