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Legacy GT Blitzen Touring Wagon - Beautiful Rust Free Example

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Rare Spec, 1 of 1,000 produced for Japanese market.


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Close your eyes and think "Subaru." What do you see in your mind’s eye? Perhaps a Subaru Impreza STi, either the classic original shape or perhaps a later model.
Few would think of a Legacy because not least, Subaru U.K.’s notion of a performance Legacy was equipped with a 6-cylinder normally aspirated boxer engine (242 bhp, but a heavier lump & with reduced handling prowess compared to an EJ20).

In the usual manner, we have become accustomed to, the Japanese keeping the best for themselves: Subaru never offered the boxer-configuration 4-cylinder EJ20 engine with variable-valve timing and an air-to-air twin-scroll intercooled turbocharger (280 bhp) outside of Japan.

This example isn’t the normal JDM Legacy GT Spec B model though.
It’s the limited edition (One of 1,000 only, made only for the Japanese market) Blitzen GT Touring Wagon.

In Japan, the rarely seen Legacy GT Blitzen had been an appealing proposition since its inception.
Take a sturdy all-wheel-drive foundation dressed in unique Legacy Estate attire and quicken the pulse while keeping the visual impact faint enough not to give away the game when glimpsed in a rearview mirror. Perhaps just a hint of what’s possible, courtesy of the shiny bright red paintwork...

The drivetrain is capable of instantly quickening the pulse when summoned:
The five-speed automatic directed by three shift strategies, or alternately, wheel-mounted shift buttons just a finger reach away on the horizontally opposed leather-trimmed Momo’s spokes allow for easily selected down changes.

Fuji Heavy Industries' renowned AWD variably distributes the engine's near-instantaneous 280 bhp punch to four stylish, 18x7.0-inch Blitzen alloy wheels.

Bilstein sports dampers & multi-linked suspension take care of handling, with typically sure-footed Subaru prowess. Brakes are suitably beefed too, to cope with the available performance.

But performance isn’t all. It’s just one aspect of the Legacy Blitzen GT Touring Wagon. It’ll lend itself to family duties, or weekend adventure trips too and is capable of swallowing up large loads of shopping, luggage, or a mountain bike or two, plus camping gear.

We reckon Subaru U.K. missed a trick with the EJ20 Turbo engine Legacies, but this presents the future owner of this example with something rarely seen. On occasion, when summoned, the Legacy Blitzen will leave others wondering just what they witnessed overtaking before disappearing around the next corner…


The Blitzen model is essentially of similar specification to JDM Spec B models, which are also equipped with the same Bilstein sports suspension, to match the permanent 4WD performance & handling available.
The 5-speed transmission will smoothly and willingly change gears automatically, or alternatively, there’s Tiptronic control, operable with either hand, on the Momo leather-trimmed steering wheel. Privacy glass adds to the style of design. There are many other equipment features; these will be more specifically detailed below.



Aside from the unique red colour Blitzen models are equipped with different front and rear bumpers, grille, side skirts, rear spoiler and of course the unique 18” Blitzen specific alloy wheels (18 x 7.0J). In typical Subaru fashion, each door’s window is pillarless. Privacy glass is featured for the rear, which will keep prying eyes from what may be inside. Original option side visors are also fitted. The door mirrors house the side-repeaters. Driving lights (which may be used as daytime marker lights) are integrated within the front bumper design. The headlights are equipped with HID for enhanced night-time illumination.
At the rear, a sole “Blitzen” emblem, without even so much as a “GT” to accompany it offers a modicum of humility as to what’s housed under the bonnet.