GTV 3.0 24V Coupe - Stunning Concourse Condition.

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Completely Corrosion Free, Pristine Example


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PRICE £11,895


The Alfa Romeo GTV (Gran Turismo Veloce) was originally first designed as far back as 1987 as a replacement for the Alfetta GTV Coupe. Appearing at first with smaller engines, it was in 1998 that the 3.0 24V V6 Busso engine variant was introduced with a 6-speed manual gearbox and this was the year that Jeremy Clarkson declared his love for it. Car Magazine in the UK also had strong praise for this model and many other publications gave it strong accolades, especially in 1995, when it was first released to enthusiastic acclaim. The Busso engine has always been a thing of beauty in Alfa Romeos, not just to look at, but for its sound and wide spread of torque and power. It still remains an engine that evokes emotion in Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, decades afterwards. But the GTV V6 24V wasn't just special for its engine. The handling was also special in this car, offering GT levels of comfort and excellent handling as standard. Today, 30 years after it was originally penned and shaped by Enrico Fumia at Pininfarina, it still looks fresh & is a design that owners cannot help but look back at when getting out. When a car's design is at the pinnacle of excellence, this is usually a shape that never ages or loses its visual appeal and the GTV remains to this day, just such a car. It's a unique shape with a bonnet that opens fully, revealing the entire engine bay, as a visual showpiece, the jewel being the Busso V6 neatly nestled in the middle, surrounded by a well-designed chassis with a new multi-link rear suspension design that has proven itself over time. Braking was taken care of seriously, with Brembo sourced front callipers & discs too. The interior too was beautifully styled, although not by Pininfarina but Walter De Silva who worked for Alfa Romeo's Centro Stile design-centre.


This particular GTV6 24v was supplied new in Japan, complete with original option Momo full-leather interior. Hard to find, if not a unique example today in this deep blue metallic, complete with well-matched grey leather. Clearly a tastefully chosen combination. Further styling finesse was enhanced by an optional rear spoiler inclusive of a centrally mounted brake light. There's remote central locking with the factory fitted immobilizer as standard. Air conditioning, power steering, ABS, electric windows, electric remote controlled mirrors, tinted windows, centrally mounted gauges, dual SRS airbags, fitted over mats, rear mounted battery (For weight balance) and more. The previous owner clearly loved this car, judging by all the care and upgrades lavished on this GTV 3.0 24V and the amazing condition in which he kept it. It's clear to us this car was always garaged when not in use - and it only came out in good weather. The shift knob has been updated to a Momo item (original is in the boot of the car, with other spares thoughtfully included with the car from the last owner) and Sparco pedal covers have been fitted too.  A Carrozzeria CD / Radio has replaced the original head unit. For convenience, there's a (removable) magnetic smart-phone holder too (smart-phone not included!). Finally, there's a quick-release battery isolator switch mounted in the boot; a thoughtful addition added by the collector - to save the battery when the car was stored for longer periods of time. Lots of signs of care & attention to detail on this Alfa Romeo.


The condition is superb throughout. The bodywork on these can get dented if care isn't taken. This example has pin-straight sides, with no waviness at all. Paintwork is still as fresh as when new, a testament to the care and attention with which the previous owner kept this car. As with all cars we stock, we machine polished & detailed the entire car, as this is the best way to closely inspect every panel and note faults. Fact is, this example barely needed any polishing - despite being a 20+ year-old car. We noted just one small scratch on the rear bumper which we have photographed and included in the gallery of pictures. Condition throughout is simply jaw-droppingly beautiful.


The interior is unmarked without even so much as wear to the original leather finish and it smells like a thoroughbred Italian car. This GTV6 24v has been a non-smoker's car since new. It's never suffered from water leakage, nor does it look as if it's carried any passengers at all. In the back, it looks like it's never seen anything on the leather. A testament to how little time it's spent outdoors is how soft and supple the leather still is today, over 2 decades after it rolled off the production line.


The engine and transmission have wisely been left standard. Note the lack of corrosion to the intake chromed pipes and originality of the engine bay. Hard to believe this is a 1998 car, when compared to what you'd typically find in the UK, by comparison. Note also the exhaust system is factory original and still as solid as the day this car was built.


The original wheels have been replaced with Techno Magnesio competition wheels, shod with near new Dunlop Direzza Z-II sports tyres of size 215/45R17. Wheels are all unmarked, an indication of the care & attention with which this car was used. The suspension has also been upgraded with Koni Sport gas struts and shock absorbers and Apex sports springs. Brakes are uprated with braided hoses and performance pads. 


Usually, on examples that have lived their lives on European roads, corrosion is an issue, where for example the engine's chrome is pitted & unsightly. Here, the chrome & the rest of the alloy is still fresh and without rust. The underside is also very impressive, showing no corrosion at all - anywhere. Even the exhaust is still the factory original assembly. Callipers are also still of original finish with no bubbling, or corrosion at all. Note that a full Japanese service history is also included with this car. Clearly, this is a collectors grade GTV V6 Lusso 24V and one of the best left in existence. Provided it's maintained as well as it has been over the last 20 years this unique GTV V6 Lusso 24V 6-speed will continue to rise in value to be an excellent investment for the new owner.


In order to familiarise ourselves with this example, it was test driven for a total of 85km. We can attest that not only does it ride comfortably with no perceptible body-roll when cornering hard, but also holds the road very well indeed, despite the surprising levels of comfort with uprated suspension. It runs beautifully, with the Busso engine soulful as ever. Gearbox works perfectly with no synchromesh problems at all, brakes work well without drama or any signs of having been abused. There are no faults at all with the mechanical drivetrain. All electrics work perfectly too, right down to the original security key.


Service documentation with the car is comprehensive since new with regular inspections, servicing and maintenance. Service intervals with maintenance as required are recorded as follows: 1999 Nov 06 14,892km 2000 Mar 02 27,991 km 2002 Feb 24 38,774km 2004 Mar 20 55,501km 2006 Apr 22 61,474km 2008 Feb 19 66,424km 2010 Mar 13 70,590km 2012 Apr 05 73,018km 2014 Mar 07 77,917km 2016 Feb 16 84,116km 2017 Sept 13 87,307km Clutch was replaced during service at 70,590km. Timing belt last replaced at 87,307km. In addition, the car will be supplied freshly serviced by ourselves, upon completion.