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RX-7 Type RS late model. Low genuine mileage. Veilside VSD1-GT kit & more!


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RX-7 Type RS late model. Low genuine mileage - VS-GT kit & more!




Silver (3L)


Subaru produced their limited edition 22B wide body coupe version of the WRX STI between March and August 1998. The 22B was used to commemorate both Subaru's 40th anniversary as well as the third consecutive manufacturer's title for Subaru in the FIA World Rally Championship. All 413 Japanese cars sold immediately and of these, only 24 units were produced for export markets: 16 for the UK, 5 for Australia and 3 prototypes. Approximately 50 of the Japanese cars were imported privately into the UK. There are currently only 51 original 22Bs on DVLA's records.


Today the 22B sits as the undisputed icon of all classic imprezas and is a car that invokes a special nostalgia when spotted by Japanese car & WRC rally enthusiasts. Whenever we are in the vicinity of this particular Launsport 22B Tribute, it never fails to excite with it's styling and purposefulness. If only there was space, this is one we'd be very tempted to keep for ourselves since the chances of ever having another like it are zero. We're quite certain there isn't another Launsport 22B tribute in Europe; they're that rare.   

Original factory produced 22B's now not far off £130,000 in value for the best examples. The best of the 2 door coupes continue to rise in value strongly too. Launsport creates a handful of these22B  replicas each year for Japanese clients who want a unique classic Impreza 22B replica, which can be used daily without fear of losing value, whilst not being too valuable to enjoy as intended.


Launsport are Japan's premier Subaru rally-styling specialist, well known for high quality workmanship & attention to details. The base car they created this 22B replica from begun as a low mileage standard STi Version 6 Type R V-Limited; the highest spec. and most desirable of all the 2 door coupes bar the 22B. Their conversion consists of perfectly reproduced rear quarter panels, front fenders, front & rear bumpers and side skirts together with bonnet ducts, driving light covers, 22B emblem, pink Subaru badge, etc. Launsport's kit is made from original molds & are as true to form as the original items. Indeed, nowadays as Subaru no longer make or supply spare parts for 22B's, their products are used as replacement parts for original cars in Japan, such is the quality of re-production. Launsport use their own high-quality bodywork facilities. Combined with considerable experience in creating rally replica Subarus, the results are clearly stunning from any viewpoint. 

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