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Facelift Honda Integra Type R 98 Spec. 1.8 DOHC V-Tec. Rare - Black Metallic


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Integra Type R 98 Spec. 1.8 DOHC V-Tec.




Black Metallic


The 98 Spec Integra Type R DC2 Coupe V-Tec is probably the best hot hatch ever made. Honda enthusiasts know the suspension design on the DC2 is far superior to that on the current (Available for JDM only) DC5 model - because it is of double wishbone design rather than the newer model's lesser Mc Pherson strut design. The DC2 is also considerably lighter than it's newer brother, with a more raw feel to it too. Even today in Japan, good examples of late model DC2's are more sought after than newer DC5's... the true N/A FWD driver's car.
Available only in Japan with the improved 98+ spec, these improvements were developed through a one make racing series in Japan. In 1998, Honda introduced the following changes in spec: To provide an increase in power to 200 bhp and also higher torque at low and mid rpm levels the exhaust manifold was re-designed. Suspension and brakes were improved to maximize driving performance and handling. Furthermore, the Integra type R 98 Spec adopted15-inch front disk brakes 14-inch rear disk brakes. Suspension was retuned, An SRS airbag-compatible steering wheel was designed by MOMO and High intensity Discharge (HID) headlights with over twice the brightness of halogen lamps were introduced. A fresh design of 5-hole 16-inch alloy wheel was employed, with corresponding tyre size increase to 215/45ZR16. Front and rear bumpers were also re-designed to help modernise the look further. Glass was also changed from being of brown tint, to a light blue tint instead.
The B18A Type R engine is a gem. Built to be driven hard, this is a bullet proof engine that thrives on being driven hard, yet has enough torque at lower rev ranges to provide relaxed cruising and general driving with ease. Combined with light weight, an ever willing engine making 200 bhp at 7,600 rpm with a V-Tec Zone that sounds goes much like that of a racing engine from 5,800 - 8,500 rpm, it's not hard to see why this car won so many admirers in Japan. It has the characteristic change in tone at 5,800 rpm when the V-Tec system comes "on cam" - it's not gradual (imperceptible) as on the newer Type R's. Also revs to 8,500 rpm, rather than the newer model's 8,000 limit. In the USA, these B18A engines are seriously sought after by tuners and enthusiasts who import tired old examples as frotn cuts to be transplanted to their lesser Civics Integras. A future classic with total pedigree... If you have ever seen one of these being driven hard on a tight small circuit, you'll understand why they're so popular for racing use! This rare black metallic 98 Spec has been a one owner car from new, in Tokyo - which has no ice or snow in winter, so it's completely rust free. It is also loaded with every option.
98 Spec Factory fitted equipment includes: 4 channel Anti Lock brakes, Limited slip differential, Dual SRS airbags with Momo designed leather steering wheel, Climate control air conditioning, PAS, electric windows, original "Type R" fitted mats, rear wiper, blue tinted glass with, front wind deflectors, remote controlled door mirrors, full alcantara black Recaro seats, HID headlights with front foglights integrated into the light clusters, front, rear and underside braces, alloy Type R gear knob and pedals, 16" alloys, large diameter discs. The many tuning parts available in Japan for these cars can be supplied by Newera at low prices. Please check for details!
Interior is in excellent condition. This has been a non smoker's car since new. There are no faults to report aside from very minor wear to the seat bolsters from age, although the material itlsef is hardly worn. A high quality Garthers (Honda Brand) optional 200W MD/CD/Radio with DSP and remote control is also fitted. Audio equipment is supplied free of charge with this car.
Auction grade is 3.5 (Auction sheet is available) meaning this is not an accident repaired car (As many ITR DC2's are). Most importantly this Integra hasn't lived a hard life at all. It's been regularly serviced by a Tokyo Honda dealer, every 3,000 miles (As recommended in Japan for all cars), but it is due for a service shortly, so we will be carrying this out as part of our preparation. We couldn't ascertain whether the timing belt has been changed or not, therefore to be on the safe side we'll also renew it whilst preparing this car at our premises in Sussex. In addition, tyres are all close to the legal limit, so we will be replacing these with new items. Choice if brand and compound can be to the customer's preference, a budget of £300 for tyres has been included as part of the price.
Paintwork is in excellent condition. The doors have been resprayed in the past and quality of the laquer isn't perfect - so we'll have these resprayed again. The bonnet has 2 deep pin dents and a shallow dent too. Rather than repairing these, we will be obtaining an unmarked used bonnet in Japan and fitting before shipment, then respraying to match in the UK - that way there's no filler used. The front bumper has some scratches on the corners. This will also be repainted. Note that beneath, this car's also corrosion free. See pthis car's slide show for for full pictures!
We tested this Integra type R and found it drove absolutely faultlessly. Brakes work well, with no signs of warping, handling's tight and there's an awesome induction roar and an intoxicating push in the back as the V-Tec zone is breached from 5,800 rpm. The gearbox works sweetly with synchromesh unworn, handling is excellent too.
With fuel prices now set high and expected to stay that way - there's never been a wiser time to own a Type R. Giving economy when needed, with power in abundance when the mood takes you, with unrivalled handling and grip, plus exclusivity, this ITR makes an excellent commuting car, or even an excellent base with which to start modifying - to make a top ITR example.
If you're after the very best ITR of 1998 Spec available - this is it!!
Complete with full UK conversions and registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, service and timing belt change, paintwork as described, full valetting and 6 month's road tax, this unique ITR is available at: £8,850 w departed Yokohama and is due to arrive to UK on 2nd week of March. Will be ready to drive away, fully registered 2nd week of April!
Can be reserved now with a deposit of £1,000. Please Contact Us for further information.
Newera Imports - suppliers of the highest quality examples of the best sports cars from Japan. As recommended by J-Tuner, Banzai Jap Performance magazines, clubs, forums and UK specialist tuners!

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