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1993 Mazda RX-7 Type R Twin Turbo. Silver Metallic.


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RX-7 Type R Twin Turbo.




Silver Metallic.


This is the first very low mileage RX-7 that we have managed to source in over 2 years that we can offer at entry level price complete with very low genuine mileage condition! This car's covered just 25,768 genuine miles from new!
This RX-7 has been fitted with an original Mazdaspeed MS-01 alloy wheels of 17" size, with sports tyres of size 235/45/ZR17 265/40/ZR17. Front tyres are in good condition - but the rear tyres are on the legal limit. Cost of replacement for these is included in the r (£200 allowed for tyre replacement). Suspension is of standard spec. The ECU and tuning is of standard specification, running at standard 0.75 Bar boost, giving around 265 bhp.
Original equipment includes: Twin oil coolers (best for keeping oil within the safe operating temperature), original lightweight Alcantara sports seats, PAS, E/W, E/M, A/C, 3 channel ABS, original fitted mats. The original tool kit is complete and unused and includes the optional additional tool tray completely unused (Note there is one small spanner missing). The boot is also lined with an optional rear mat. Note that no parcel shelf is currently fitted, although if required, we can obtain a used one at cost inexpensively. There is a Kenwood CD / Radio unit of good quality fitted - this comes complete with a remote control. Audio is supplied free of charge with this car.
Please note we can also supply other parts to enhance this example. Although nothing is required to improve it - we can supply Euro style clear front indicators for the front and 1996+ rear clusters to modernise the rear - inexpensively. We also have new wet carbon fibre front lip spoilers in stock, as well as Fujita Engineering wet carbon side skirts (As fitted to our own demo car). Carbon is preferable to FRP, as it doesn’t stone chip and also looks excellent! If desired, we can also supply a sports exhaust system to be shipped with the car, to avoid carriage costs. Please check / inquire on
The engine is a genuine low mileage unit that has clearly not been tuned or pushed hard during it’s life. Oil has been recently changed and the car shows all signs of having been regularly serviced (Spark plugs are also nearly new). On older RX-7's the air pumps usually fail, especially on higher mileage examples - this one is still working just as it should be. Another good sign of a genuine low mileage example. We test drove this RX-7 thoroughly for handling, acceleration and braking, and found it drove absolutely faultlessly. Engine and a complete mechanical integrity check was carried out. There are no faults at all to report and the car feels tight and rattle free. With a car of such low weight, standard power is plenty with 0-60 in 5 seconds and a top speed of 160 mph. Handling is also amongst the very best available combined with double wishbone alloy suspension as standard.This RX-7 twin turbo pulls very strongly - with good idle, no noticable flat spots, good strong brakes, good clutch, etc. It drives much like a new car and performance is excellent, once again reminding us of how good these cars are, even as standard. No smoke on start up and it idles well, giving an excellent spread of power throughout the rev range, with strong power from around 2,500 rpm all the way to the red line. Perfect.
The interior is in completely original condition. With no significant wear to the seats, steering wheel, pedals or gear knob, these further confirm this car's genuine mileage. As pictures will show, the exterior is in excellent condition throughout. As with all the cars we stock, to check it thoroughly we washed and checked the bodywork on this car and found the following faults to report: There are some scratches to the front bumper corner. The n/s rear quarter has some scratches which have been touched in. On the rear o/s corner, there are some light dents. Finally, on the roof, passenger side, there's a small dent. These will all be repaired to high quality so they're not visible and the front bumper will be resprayed also but faults are mentioned and photographed to clearly depict the condition of the car as it is prior to repair. Auction grade of this car was 0-A (Cosmetic accident grade) due to a front wing having been changed before. A Copy of the auction sheet is available.
This RX-7 has clearly been hardly used throughout it's life. Underneath there’s no corrosion. It's rare to find an older RX-7 with such low genuine mileage in the condition shown and the improvements included. Clearly it’s evident it's been well looked after. As this is not an extremely tuned example, it can be used for daily driving is also affordable to insure by younger drivers wanting a reliable, good looking RX-7.
RX-7's in as original condition as this combined at an affordable price are extremely hard to find, even in Japan. The engine is in fine health with high oil pressure, healthy turbos and perfect starting every time. It's producing an excellent spread of power - perfectly healthy and with plenty of life to give with mileage this low, before an engine refresh at around 75,000 miles (45,000 miles to go!) For complete peace of mind, a comprehensive 12 month warranty (same cover as with a new car, essentially) will be supplied with this car also covering rotor tips and water seals.
Including full UK conversions, de-restriction and recalibration of odometer to miles, 2 new rear tyres, paintwork as described, UK registration, road tax, new MOT and a year's comprehensive warranty this car is available for OTR price: £8,245. A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for shipment. Please Contact us to obtain full information on this RX-7, or to have us find one to your requirements!
Newera Imports - The only supplier consistently recommended by UK Mazda Rotary Club, FDUK Club members and the UK's top RX-7 tuners for supplying the best hand picked RX-7's!

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