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1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R - Fast Road Tuned.


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Skyline GT-R (R33).






Performance equipment includes: Twin Apexi Dual Funnel induction kit (Oil impregnated mesh system), HKS Alloy intercooler pipes, Greddy/Trust Profec B Boost controller, Mines remapped ECU, providing revised fuel, ignition and boost settings to give maximum available safe power from the very reliable RB26 engine, confirmed by the 4kg/cm2 oil pressure present when cold at idle, confirmation of a tight, healthy engine. There's a Trust/Greddy oil cooler kit located behind the front bumper on the n/s complete with braided hoses to and from the oil filter feed plate. A full stainless steel exhaust system is also fitted, with equal lenth downpipes, cat replacement pipe and an Apexi N1 cat back system. All like new! With these modifications, this GT-R is making power the region of 350 - 400 bhp @ 0.9-1.0 Bar of boost. Note that with this induction kit the standard dump valves are audiable are also audiable on the over-run. With the cat replacement pipe, boost response is improved and the exhaust note carries a deeper tone. Menacing even at idle... A standard catalyst or a cable operated Apexi exhaust butterfly valve are available at low cost through our parts department

To make use of the increased power the suspension has been uprated with TEIN HR coilover suspension complete with EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller). With the use of stepper motors, damping and therefore firmness of ride can be adjusted individually from the top of each shock absorber, whilst on the move! This allowes optimal settings to be dialed it - all at the touch of the controller module! It's the very latest kit available from TEIN. This suspension set up also allows full ride height adjustment (With the use of C Spanners). Note that front suspension's tension rods have also been replaced with rose-jointed high strength items, to further improve feel from the steering.

Exterior modifications include; Nismo carbon fibre B-Pillar trims, Nismo rear spoiler end plates (Carbon Fibre), Nismo bonnet lip, Nismo clear side front repeators. Front spoiler has been colour coded. Original option rear flares are also fitted. Original option privacy rear quarter windows. These Factory quality modifications give this GT-R Skyline an aggressive yet subtle look, especially when combined with the 18" Gold BBS LM lightweight forged split rim alloy wheels fitted with high performance 265/40 ZR18 Bridgestone Potenza RE01's. Note that disc brakes are in excellent near unworn condition indicating that they've been recently replaced, or this car has not been used hard at all. Most likely the latter - judging by the lack of stone chips on the front of the car!

Standard equipment includes: 5 speed manual transmission, Atessa 4WD system, Hicas 4 wheel steering system, PAS, E/W with auto up/down on drivers window, Climate control A/C, 4 channel ABS, Fitted mats, Remote Central Locking, Remote Controlled Door Mirrors with retract mode, standard front and rear strut braces, Brembo four piston front brakes at front with Brembo 2 piston rear brakes, Driver's SRS airbag. Note there is also an expensive Carrozzeria Single DIN CD/Cassette unit, with a high power 300W amplifier in the boot and uprated speakers inclusive of seperate tweeters at the front. These are included with the car - free of charge. Note that a turbo timer is also fitted, as are some very neat Project Mu brake pedal covers - which resemble brake callipers. Project Mu is a high performance brake components manufacturer in Japan. Note that the ugly original steering wheel has also been replaced with a Momo item. The original steering wheel is unmarked and also included free of charge. It can be refitted if preferred.

There's not really much that we'd recommend doing to further improve this GT-R. Perhaps the addition of some carbon Nismo intercooler vents to the front bumper would add better looks, or an automatically retractable front number plate system to maximise air flow to the intercooler on trackdays (Can be locked into the display position for road use). Later on, if wanting to use this car hard regularly, we'd also recommend an uprated radiator and perhaps some quality uprated brake pads. An Apexi FC Computer could also be useful if wanting to remap the ECU, as the Mines ECU is only mappable by Mines - Japan. For full details of performance parts available, or to obtain a quotation, visit our parts department on

The auction grade is 3.5 (Auction Sheet is available) The main reason for this is due to performance modifications taking the car away from Standard Condition. This GT-R is amongst the nicest we've found through regular searching in Japan's best auctions - which is of course why we bought this example for stock. Documentation to show the car's mileage and service history is available to send to the person who reserves this Skyline.

Condition is outstanding. There is a small pin dent on the driver's door and also 2 on the o/s quarter, in positions shown in pictures. Also, on the n/s there is a tiny pin dent on the rear quarter, one on the door in position shown and 2 tiny ones just below the side repeater. These are each so small they are almost invisible, although we will have these repaired as part of UK preparation, to ensure we provide the car in immaculate condition. The interior is in unmarked condition with no faults to report.

With no stone chips to report (meaning it hasn't been used hard), no significant wear to seats, switches, mats, etc. and low wear to discs, it is evident this car's been stunningly well looked after.

Over £7,000 (equivalent) has been spent in Japan by the last keeper in improving this GT-R to the specification detailed above!
Clearly a cherished example all it's life, paintwork is both immaculate and very smooth-clearly having been polished regularly. If you can trust Newera's reputation, you'll know this is the best you'll come across. It's exactly what we'd seek in a Skyline for every day use - if it were for ourselves.

Includes all costs such as SVA test, full UK conversions, 1 year's quality Motorcare warranty, valeting, cost of road tax and new MOT.

Departed Yokohama, Japan on 6th March - and arriving end of 2nd week of April. A deposit of £1,000 secures.
Please Contact us using the inquiry form to discuss reserving this Skyline GT-R or to source an alternative example.
Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners and GT-R club members.

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