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Honda Prelude S Spec - Mugen Tuned. 230 bhp. Honda Racing White.


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Prelude S Spec - Mugen Tuned. 230 bhp. VERY RARE spec!




Honda Racing White


This is an extremely rare Prelude and is the connoisseur's choice in Japan as a V-Tec coupe that's stylish discreet, yet able to deliver serious performance when the desire arises. Don't be mistaken, this is NOT a normal spec. late model Prelude, but an S Spec which was only made for the Japanese market in the last 2 years of Honda's production of the Prelude. Like the JDM S Type NSX's it's of greater performance than it's run of the mill counterparts! It has factory performance enhancements which were developed with Mugen and is fitted with additional performance and cosmetic extras. Compare this car to say an Integra Type R DC5, or a UK Civic Type R and you'll appreciate this is undoubtedly the better car. It's extremely rare in UK, with only an estimated handful in existence there too.
Factory Specification: This version of the fifth generation Prelude, the Type S, was only available in Japan. It was equipped with the 2.2 litre H22A fettled by Mugen, featuring VTEC and producing 223 bhp (162 kW) @ 7200 rpm and 163 lb•ft (221 Nm) @ 6500 rpm. Rev limit of the Spec S is 8,000 rpm. (Note the lesser SIR Preludes only came with a 200 bhp output). The Spec S has a higher compression ratio of 11.0:1, 87.0 mm (3.4 in) bore x 90.7 mm (3.6 in) stroke and VTEC-valve timing, lift and duration were increased to 12.2 mm intake and 11.2 mm exhaust. Honda also enlarged the cold air fed air box and replaced it with a more efficient design that is often referred to as Dynamic Chambering, along with a larger throttle body design bored to 62 mm (as opposed to the previous 60 mm). Note the engine cover is red as this is essentially a Type R specification H22A engine. The exhaust system was also treated to a re-design, with the pipe cross sections becoming more cylindrical rather than oval - although this car's has been upgraded further with a full Mugen Cat Back system - enabling greater power and sports sound. The three-way catalytic converter was also increased in size.The fifth generation curb weight was a lightweight 1310 kg (2882 lb), and ground clearance was 140 mm (5.5 in). Unlike the normal Japanese model SiR, the S-spec that had an LSD, the Type S acquired Honda's technology known as the Active Torque Transfer System (ATTS). The gearing on the Type S has a sportier final drive ratio of 4.266:1. The Type S had a sports Active Control ABS system, different from the others which had the standard ABS systems. The interior featured newly developed Leather and Excene (Alcantara( upholstered seats front rear with carbon finished inserts on the air conditioning facia and door trims. Other clever specification included a rear seat that folds down to allow longer items such as ski's to be carried inside the car, Powerful Acoustic Feedback multi speaker sound system, Dual SRS airbags, original factory tailored floormats, Climate control A/C and the usual specification of central locking, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, integrated driving lights in front bumper, etc.This one owner from new car has had considerable improvements to enhance it further as a driver's car without making it so extreme it becomes unpractical. We believe this was a mature and experienced owner who took great care of the car. Note there's not even a single kerb mark on any of the wheels! This car's been serviced exclusively by Honda, with a major service (Including timing belt tensioner / idler change) having been completed religiously at 60,343 miles in December 2008.

Cosmetic Tuning Improvements: Front lip is by Mugen. All tuning parts and CE28N wheels, etc. are nearly new. Approx £5,500 has recently been spent on parts to improve this car. A Mugen Sports Exhaust system is fitted. This includes a central straight through silencer, followed by large bore piping with a looped straight through silencer at the rear. It's made of top grade 304 Stainless Steel. The Tailpipe has the Mugen logo to prove it's authenticity. Power is increased by 10 bhp using this system. It's not excessively loud with a fruity idle, offering just a hint of the performance available. At wide open throttle it's sporty without being so loud to become annoying. The brakes have been uprated at each corner with Mugen pads, offering a firmer pedal and ability to take greater temperatures and harder use than standard. The Volk Racing CE28N's of 16" size fitted are the lightest forged alloy design sold in Japan, weighing in at under 5.0 kg each. Japan's best road sports tyres are fitted, Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R's of sizes 215/45R16 front and 205/50R16 rear. These are larger at the front, to help provide greater grip at the front than the rear. Note there's a Cusco rear strut tower bar and a factory original front, to improve body rigidity. The best suspension coilover kit available on the Japanese market is also fitted: Aragosta's kit not only provides properly calibrated damping spring rates with full adjustability but is also equipped with base mounting height adjustment (Meaning there's no change in spring preload when ride height is changed). The body is made of anodised aluminium, as can be seen from photograph provided. For further details see: There isn't anything else required to improve this car, although of course there's always things that can be done to enhance it. Newera are suppliers of Bride Seats, all Honda tuning parts, Defi Gauges and a vast range of performance goods available for this car. Please see for further details. Test Drive Condition: This car drives absolutely without fault. Moving off - it's immediately noticable the suspension's surprisingly compliant. Once it was properly warmed we tested the handling and engine performance. Body roll is minimal and the car turns in with sharp control. We couldn't explore the limits of grip on a public road, but needless to say this car handles very well and puts power down very effectively via the factory LSD. With it's high compression, the engine has oodles of torque before the V-Tec zone, with strong power from around 5,500 rpm as the cam lobes switch to V-Tec, all the way to the 8,000 rpm rev limit. Gearbox is smooth and allows fast changes. Brakes give strong performance whilst remaining silent in operation. All in all, we couldn't help being impressed with this car and feeling it's a shame so few of these exist.
Auction grade of this car is 4 (Auction sheet is available). Condition as pictures will show - is outstanding. There are some minor scratches on the front lip spoiler. The rear bumper also has some minor chips. On the rearmost corner of the driver side step there's a small scratch too. These will be repainted as part of full UK preparation package, or can be left as is (These are very minor faults only) to help reduce the cost of the car if preferred. Note there is NO rust at all on this car, not even underneath. Essentially, condition is like that of a 2 year old vehicle. It's never seen a salted or gritted road. This car is ready for shipment from Japan. It can be sent to any country (Ask about out FOB packages). For UK, inclusive of full UK conversions, new MOT, 6 month's road tax, full UK registration and 12 month comprehensive warranty it's available at £7,495. Alternatively, if you'd like to complete your own UK preparation (Easy to do, we can help with full information and guidance on how to do this) it's available at £6,495. A deposit of £1,000 secure for prompt shipping.

Please Contact Us to discuss reserving this car, or have Newera hand pick your next car. Newera Imports. Established 1998. The only UK Import company with it's own genuine buyers hand picking the best quality cars in Japan. Consistently recommended by Magazines, Car Clubs, Forums and owners. Drive the difference.

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