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1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R - Stage 1 modified by Stream. Bayside Blue Metallic.


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Skyline R32 GT-R - Stage 1 modified by Stream.




Bayside Blue Metallic.


This GT-R has been improved with stage 1 tuning by Stream Garage to give it approximately 350 bhp yet still allow it to remain easily drivable and usable for every day use. It's a low genuine mileage example with excellent spec and a high quality colour change! A high quality example, rarely available - with low genuine mileage:
Aesthetic improvements: The paintjob on this car is the most stunning thing about it. An excellent choice of colour! It's of Bayside Blue Metallic, as originally introduced in 1999 on the Skyline R34 GT-R suited to this R32 GT-R perfectly! Quality of paint is excellent. Note the door shuts, underside of bonnet and bootlid, etc. have been repainted. Cost of this in Japan is approx. £2,500! Nismo front intercooler vents have been fitted into the front bumper, to give more air flow to the intercooler. Also, there's a Nismo bonnet vent, rear spoiler lip and side skirt spats. Headlights are original N1 type. Original lightweight forged alloy BBS LM wheels are fitted with with Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 sports tyres of size 255/40/ZR17 each less than half worn. To further improve this car cosmetically, we'd strongly recommend an LED Nismo style'd rear light set and clear or smoked front indicators. See for details!
Performance Improvements: Whilst not stressing the engine excessively and allowing it to remain drivable as a daily use car, this GT-R has had mild modifications to enhance it. An all alloy twin filter ARC cold air induction box has replaced the standard airbox. The intercooler is an uprated high flow unit. To further improve breathing, the exhaust system has been uprated with a high flow large bore stainless steel front pipe and cat replacement pipe, combined with a stainless steel Kakimoto Racing Hyper 2000 Fullmega N1 + Single exhaust system from the cat back. A non recirculating dump valve helps keep the turbos spinning off boost. The ECU has been replaced with a Stream Rom rechipped unit, running at 0.9 Bar in combination with an Apexi super air flow controller. An HKS 3rd generation EVC 3 boost controller takes care of boost. The clutch is a 2 way HKS unit. Braided hoses are fitted to help improve brake feel. It's light and progressive in use, meaning it's near new. There's a Grex oil cooler located behind the centre grille, with a remote oil filter mount for easy service access. Note, there's an HKS turbo timer to cool things down after every drive. To run safest, we would recommend fitment of an Apexi Power FC ECU and controller with mapping in the UK. We can supply this at £530.00. High quality dynamic mapping is available inexpensively. We are also able to supply other modifications such as an uprated fuel pressure regulator, injectors and fuel pump, or even uprated Nismo or HKS turbos (For further information click on We are able to arrange mapping with the best UK tuners on the customer's behalf if preferred.
Suspension Struts and springs are by Ohlins. These are fully adjustable. An excellent kit for Skylines, as they're compliant for road use, yet they give excellent control in combination with silent top mounts. Being Ohlins, they're also servicable in the UK by Aurok (The UK distributor for Ohlins) when required, unlike some brands. An alloy Cusco front strut brace is also fitted.
Standard equipment includes: ABS, Hicas 4 wheel steering, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, rear wiper, velour seats, factory tinted privacy rear glass, etc. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained. The engine bay, interior, carpets, indicator stalk, light switch, pedal rubbers, oil pressure etc. - all indicate low wear.
Interior: There's an Ital Volanti steering wheel and a lightweight Nismo gearknob. For sounds, there's a decent quality Carrozzeria single DIN MD/Radio MOS FET 45W x 4 unit fitted as well as uprated speakers with remote tweeters at the front and shelf speakers on the rear. There are HKS electronic gauges. Neatly mounted on the A pilar are water temp boost, with oil pressure and temperature recessed on the passenger side.
Condition: The interior is in excellent condition. This has mostly been a non smoker's car, as confirmed by an unused cigar lighter and a clean ashtray with no residue from cigarettes. There is however, a small burn mark on the centre console. A replacement used item can be sourced inexpensively if preferred. On the dashboard, beneath the gauges, there are two round marks, possibly made during fitting of the gauges. These are too small to need repair. Finally on the driver's door the speaker grille is slightly dented. Easily pushed out from the inside, by taking off the door trim. The interior will be fully valetted as part of full UK preparation.
Auction Grade is 4. The bodywork was originally white, but has been changed at high expense to metallic blue. Note that the windscreen and rear window were removed for this respray and the door shuts, underside of bonnet and boot lid were also painted. We washed this car and checked the bodywork thoroughly noting all faults. As shown by pictures, condition of paintwork is very good. Here's the few minor faults we found on the bodywork: The front splitter is scratched. On the edge of the driver's door there some minor chips. Also, on the rear bumper there are some minor scratches. Each of these faults will be repaired as part of the full lso the underside of the Nismo spats are stone chipped. This is to be expected, as they sit under the car between the wheels.
Engine: Excellent oil pressure (4.5/cm2 at idle when cold, over 2kg/cm2 when warmed - at warmer Japanese exterior temperatures). Clutch feels as if it has plenty of life remaining. We test drove this example for around 10 minutes drive and found it felt tight and very together. It pulls strongly from around 3,500 rpm all the way through the power range and is making approximately 350 bhp with current spec. Makes for a very quick road car! Note that the timing belt has been changed at 53,428 miles, on 3rd October 2006, shortly before the car was sold and there are stickers showing servicing throughout. It's evident this car's been well loved maintained regardless of cost.Total cost of modifications paintwork to this car cost the last owner approx. £9,000! All signs show this car has been well loved and modifications carefully selected to enhance the performance whilst remaining usable for daily driving - Expect this to be a very quick and fun car to drive with perfect poise and instant response. OTR Price: £10,680. Includes all costs such as full UK conversions, paintwork described, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, valeting, cost of road tax and new MOT. This GT-R will be prepared by ourselves in our new workshop based just outside of Brighton, where our UK office is based.
Alternatively we can supply at £9,480 less UK preparation. To complete UK register as a car over 10 years old all that's required is an MOT and basic UK conversions (Foglight), plus road tax and first UK registration fees. Comprehensive 12 month warranty worth £250.00 is included in this price. Ideal for someone with a bit of time and basic mechanical / electrical skills.
Please Contact us for further information regarding this Skyline GT-R or to source an alternative top condition quality R32 GT-R. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time and few are ever available as UK stock (Being reserved before arrival to UK).

Newera - Consistently recommended by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's Club Members for supplying the best hand-picked GT-R's!

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