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1994 Toyota MR2 GT-S Turbo Coupe. Revision 3. Black


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MR2 GT-S Coupe Rev 3.






This is a mildly improved MR2 with modifications to improve handling and wheels, retaining the original mechanical specification inclusive of exhaust system and induction kit. Cusco rear strut brace is fitted. Front strut brace is standard. Suspension consists of Cusco sports coilovers, which are adjustable for ride height and damping. Setup is for road use, giving a firm yet comfortable ride whilst improving handling further than standard. Cornering limits are resultantly high combined with progressive slidability on the limit. As standard, MR2's will understeer into tighter corners, but with this setup combined with adjustable top mounts at the front, more negative camber can be dialed in, to give the front a more taut setup. Ideal for people who like to spirited rides across country roads! Wheels are some of the most desirable available for sports cars in Japan. Unmarked Volk Racing lightweight forged alloy (Very strong!) TE37's. These are shod with Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 sports tyres. To further improve the look of the car aesthetically, clear side front repeaters/reflectors and a side mounting for the front number plate have been fitted. A more modern MR2 emblem is also fitted to the front. Inside, further improvements are evident, with a Nardi steering wheel, Momo gearknob, and an HKS boost gauge neatly mounted in place of the original in the instrument binacle - Attention to detail is clearly evident! A Rev/Speed meter is fitted in the middle of the dashboard. This can be used to record 0-400m times. etc. This is only mounted with double sided tape - so it can easily be removed too. Also included is a high quality CD/MD/Radio unit of 200W complete with uprated speakers (Electronic equipment audio is supplied free of charge). has in stock some new and used parts for MR2's too! Check out our website!
Standard condition specification includes: 5 Speed Manual transmission, Climate Control A/C, Sports seats with 6 way adjustable driver's seat, PAS, P/W, Light grey tint on windows with silvered tint on rear sections of glass, remote controlled door mirrors, Original floor mats. Note that there are also an original limited slip differential ABS fitted. The spare and original tool kit are also complete and unused.

This MR2's clearly been carefully cherished. The auction grade is 4 (Auction sheet is available). It's in excellent condition! The auction sheet reports 2 tiny scratches, one to each of front and rear bumpers n/s corners - Upon inspection, nothing was found! There's just one tiny pin dent on the driver's door, although so small it's not visible to the untrained eye. Just immaculate condition throughout.
Interior is also similarly mint. No faults at all to report, except a missing cigar lighter. We will replace this with a new item, to complete the interior.
Underneath, the car is also like new.

Regular servicing has also been carried out. Oil is relatively new - clearly this car wasn't driven hard - judging by the fact the brake discs still look hardly worn and there are no stone chips to the front of it. It would appear this car spent most of it's driven life on Motorways cruising at legal speeds in Japan (It's still currently speed restricted - to be converted in UK). We test drove this car and found it drives faultlessly giving good strong power throughout the rev range. Driving out of our yard, which is quite bumpy, we noted that there were no rattles and squeaks to be heard and suspension was comfortable over bumps too. When driving on the open road, the car felt tight and unused. Brakes pulled the car up well with no signs of warpage, as is often common on older cars. Clutch has plenty of bite remaining. Felt very smooth.

With complete Spec. this is a rare Rev 3 GT-S model in unmarked black colour complete with extras as described - in excellent condition. Total cost in Japan of improvements to this car cost in the region of £4,500!Taking into account the cost of UK taxes, shipping, insurance, UK modifications, MOT SVA testing, UK registration, 12 month's comprehensive warranty full valetting - A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment.

Please Contact us to obtain full information on this MR2 or to source an alternative.

Newera Imports. Consistently recommended by members of the International MR2 Owner's club as the best source of MR2 Rev 3 Turbos!

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