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RX-7 Type RS - 5th Revision model. Tuned by FEED. Stunning example!


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RX-7 Type RS - 5th Revision model. Tuned by FEED. Stunning example!




Mica Blue Metallic (20P)


This RX-7 took us only a couple of weeks of daily searching to find and was sourced to fill an order for a customer who specifically wanted a Mica blue RX-7 Type RS. Usually the task of finding low mileage good quality RX-7's takes much longer although not so in this case. The car came with a host of expensive Fujita Engineering upgrades including an Afflux front bumper, wide fenders and bonnet. The customer preferred the original 1999 bodywork at the front and so as we knew we could sell the unwanted used front bumper and fenders to cover the costs of conversion back to standard, we offered to do the conversion at no additional cost. We were able to source a genuine 1999 front bumper, and support and had the bumper repainted off the car before addition of new bumper lights and a brand new front lip spoiler along with new inner fender liners for the front. Even the fasteners for the lip spoiler were all new items from Mazda. We managed to source 1999 fenders used & in good condition of the right colour match too. The customer wisely chose to keep the FEED vented bonnet, as not least this helps keep the engine bay cool and also enhances the efficiency of the (FEED) front mounted intercooler. The result of this conversion is not only stunning, but gives the car a fresh & as new look with the bumper beautifully repainted.
Tuning Improvements: An FD3S RX-7 as standard has excellent junior supercar performance & doesn't require major tuning, but they're best with mild tuning only to increase fueling & turbo boost, whilst keeping the engine cool. As the car was from Nagoya, Osaka being only a couple of hour's drive away, this RX-7 was tuned by Fujita Engineering, one of Japan's most respected rotary tuners based in Osaka. A FEED intercooler kit was fitted. This lowers intake temperatures in the summer. The core is actually made by ARC, Japan's premier intercooler manufacturer. The kit includes hard pipes & an alloy compression elbow was also fitted. The exhaust is also by Fujita Engineering and is a FEED Sonic SR. They also tuned the car with an Apexi Power FC, mapped to perfection. The intake kit is also from FEED which includes filters manufactured by HKS. To help keep coolant temperatures lower, there's a Billion variable fan controller Pro located on the steering column and in addition there's an HKS turbo timer to help turbos to cool & stop spinning before the engine is switched off. This can of course be over-ridden by either pressing a button on the controller, or simply taking the handbrake down - which cancels the countdown. Suspension improvements consist of HKS Hypermax coilovers and Cusco tower bars at both front & rear. Wheels are Work Emotion CR Kai which are in close to new condition. Tyres are near new too at each corner. The rear arches have been rolled in (Probably by FEED - when the front fenders were fitted) - to a very good standard.
Interior: Being an RS model the front seats are of premium cloth material. The steering wheel is a Nardi SRS item and there is also a passenger SRS airbag too. The rear window has factory fitted privacy glass. Original equipment includes: PAS, P/W, AC, ABS, dual oil coolers, original tool kit (Optional toll tray is  included but note there is a missing insert for the screwdriver - One can be obtained new if desired) & spare, fitted mats, sports seats, etc. Being an RS model means the discs are larger at each corner. Braking is very good on RX-7's as standard but especially good on RS & RZ models.
Further Upgrades:  Although nothing further is needed for this car,  we're specialists in the supply of performance parts for RX-7's and know these cars very well, owning 2 ourselves. For this example we'd recommend replacing the Air Seperator Tank as these can sometimes fail which could lead to overheating. Upgrading the radiator to something of larger capacity such as a Koyo unit would be wise too. As there is a power FC ECU we would recommend fitting a new EL controller and commander holder, specifically made by R Magic for the RX-7, to give a neat & effective display of parameters whilst driving. It would also be wise to fit some Defi gauges, since these are very accurate and can be set to give an early audiable warning when something begins to go wrong, such as overheating oil at a trackday, or overboosting. We also know the best & neatest ways to mount gauges on RX-7's so no wiring is visible at all. For more details please ask us for suggestions or visit:
Test Drive: Oil pressure is high and signs snow this RX-7 has been regularly serviced and well maintained. The engine pulls strongly and runs faultlessly. Clutch is good too. Brakes grumbled a bit under use and showed signs of mild warping, so the customer asked us to source a set of replacement front discs which we have obtained. We noted there is some mild rattling from the rear coilovers when running over rough surfaces. This is normal wear and tear of the pillow top mounts, which become noisy after a time. In normal road use we didn't notice anything, so these are still serviceable - but observations are noted to give a complete report.
Condition Report: The auction grade is 4.0. Condition is excellent throughout. Interior is in good condition. There are some marks to the rear seat corner, where presumably this car's rear seats were used for carrying luggage on occasion. We also noticed the speaker grilles in the rear could do with being repainted. The steering wheel has minor wear, as does the shift knob. Exterior is generally very good. There are some very light pin dents on the driver's door and rear quarter and a couple of blemishes to the lacquer (likely from bird poop) on the passenger rear quarter. These will be repaired as part of full UK preparation. On the roof there's a very light blemish - this will be left as is, unless it's inexpensive to do - we'll check with the paintshop whilst the car is being completed in the UK ( There are some stone chips to the anti stone chip coating and rear arches. This is quite normal on RX-7's - some colours it shows and on others not as much. We would recommend having these areas repainted whilst the car's at RK tuning, to perfect it - but it's not essential. Cost would be in addition, We also noticed the bonnet corners nearest the a-pillars have touch up marks, from where it was stored standing up - at some point. Only a minor fault - but mentioned in any case. On the rear bumper the lower plastic trim has been burnt (again - common on RX-7's with after market exhausts). We trimmed off excess plastic. It's not a noticeable fault unless looking closely at the exhaust whilst lying on the ground. If wanted we can source a new plastic trim - they're not too expensive.  
RX-7's in as beautiful & low mileage modified condition as this combined at an affordable price are extremely hard to find nowadays. This example's clearly been hardly used with such low mileage. The engine is in fine health with high oil pressure & engine. It's producing an excellent spread of power - perfectly healthy and with plenty of life to give with mileage this low. For further peace of mind, a 12 month warranty will be supplied with this car also covering rotor tips and water seals.
Including return to full 1999 original front bumper, UK registration, road tax, new MOT, 12 month's warranty - 
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