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2003 Subaru Impreza Sti Version 8 JDM Version. Sonic Blue Metallic


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Impreza Sti Version 8 JDM Version.




Sonic Blue Metallic


The JDM Sti 8 is of better specification than the lesser equipped UK versions. The STI 8 Japanese spec. model is stiffer, more spaceous, better handling, safer and better engineered than the best of the GC8 models, the 2 door coupe Type R models, made until the end of 2000. For this version, Subaru pulled out all the stops to make a true driver's machine. Note that only Japanese spec Sti 8's have the quick steering rack and DCCD fitted as standard. These give a very significant difference in drivability compared to UK cars - the equivalent to an Sti 8 WR1 in UK. The Sti 9 has now been released. Identical beneath the skin, the Sti 9's styling is almost as unpopular as the Sti 7. If only Subaru had left the styling of the 8 unchanged - it's undeniably better looking than the 9!
For the Sti 8, the turbo is a twin scroll ball bearing unit, which gives fast throttle response and very little turbo lag - making this a gem of an engine - producing approx 275 bhp as standard - with easy remapability of the standard ECU to give 350 bhp approx. On this example, there's also a water spray to the intercooler which can be operated manually through the use of a switch located a short reach to the right of the steering wheel , or left to work automatically. The best new feature of this model is a combination of the stronger 6 speed close ratio gearbox with a sophisticated adjustable centre differential that allows handling characteristics to be finely tuned as desired. By switching bias to the rear wheels, oversteer and 4 wheel drift fun can be had. Setting it to normal mode gives sure footed grip up to levels well beyond those to which people usually drive on public roads. All the way to the front, gives maximum 4WD for use in snow and very slippery conditions. This centre differential can also be operated automatically, where the system can assess which wheels are able to take the most grip and distribute torque accordingly. Unlike the older GC8 models fitted with the adjustable centre differential, these GDB's also come with 4 channel ABS. The brakes are well specified with huge Brembo 4 piston callipers and discs, complete with braided hoses - to give maximum pedal feel. An Sti quick steering rack is also fitted to enhance response to driver input. The whole car is tuned for maximum response, but not at the expense of comfort and refinement.
Headlights are HID, which give a white high intensity light (Similar to daylight) without causing glare for oncoming drivers. Headlamp beam height is also adjustable from a switch to the left of the steering wheel. The gauges in the dashboard each scroll around in a synchronised fashion when the ignition is first switched on. Something we've not seen before on any other car. This particular example is fitted with Defi (Sti Genome branded) gauges showing oil pressure, turbo boost and oil temperature all neatly housed in a purpose made cluster in the middle of the dashboard. Being a Defi system, these also give the driver the added feature of logging, so peak values can be checked, warning settings adjusted and the system can even play back what the readings were, say for 5 minutes before! This example is also fitted with original dealer option BBS 17" forged lightweight alloy wheels, complete with high grip Bridgestone Potenza RE070 sports tyres - the best rubber available in Japan for this type of car - ideally matched to the Sti tuned suspension fitted as standard. An Addzest 200W CD/Cassette/Radio unit has been fitted with high capacity quality speakers to match.
Of course, the seats and interior are of STi grade with full supportive seats trimmed in blue Alcantara suede and black cloth. The Steering wheel is leather trimmed with an SRS airbag in the centre (passenger airbag also fitted), there are remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, electric windows, remote controlled central locking (key has remote built in), factory immobiliser, original (unmarked) STi fitted mats, rear wash/wipe, privacy glass on rear windows (Factory fitted), full trim inside the boot, etc. This example also has the factory fitted side skirts, rear spoiler, etc. Every possible original subaru option has been fitted.
In all, around £3,000 has been spent by the last owner on improvements for this car as wheels, tyres, hifi, options, etc. Service books, manuals, etc. were all thoughtfully left in the glovebox by the last owner, complete with the special wheel key for Sti nuts fitted.
This is a grade 4 example (Auction sheet is available). As with all cars we buy, we carefully checked this example and washed it - to get an accurate look at the condition of the bodywork, interior, mechanical aspects, etc. It's clear this car wasn't driven hard at all. Intercooler fins are completely intact, there are no chips from high speed debris on the windscreen, brakes look hardly worn, interior is like new and there are not even any pin dents on each side! All we could find after careful inspection were just 1 tiny stone chip / mark on the front bumper! This is almost too small to notice, but we will have it repaired in the UK prior to completion, but a specialist paint professional who can repair these tiny faults to perfection.Having been a non smoker's car that's clearly never had a hard life, this was an example we were pleased to be able to offer. We drove this example to see what it was like. Felt very fresh and fun to drive. Suspension was compliant and comfortable. Aa a very quick car as standard, it doesn't take long to understand why the Sti 8 is considered the best rally styled sports car currently on sale in Japan.

Including UK SVA conversions E-SVA test, Odometer Recalibration to miles, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, Road Tax full UK Registration, Now UK prepared and available for viewing! Please Contact us for information and appointment to view this unmarked and exceptional STI 8 or to source an alternative Scoob!

Newera Imports - Consistently Recommended Scooby Clubs, Members UK tuners as a top source of the highest quality Imprezas at good prices.

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