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Custom Integra with unique R34 GT-R body on gas suspension!!


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Unique Custom R34 GT-R body on gas suspension!!




Candy Red Metallic.


This unique car started life as an Integra SiR before being completely transformed into this absolutely unique one-off custom creation! Fitted with an Integra 1.8 Type R engine, freshly created full R34 GT-R styled custom bodykit, low rider pneumatic suspension (See pics, suspension can go very high super low or anything in between - adjustable for each wheel). 3 TV screens on the rear shelf, shaved door handles with remote release, red carbon bonnet, GT wing LED door mirrors, chromed 18" wheels, sunroof, etc. Just completed - never driven. Want an affordable rolling work of art to make a sound off project with? Then check this out!Bodywork preparation: The original rust free body was first completely stripped woth both rear ends taken off including the original rear panel, plus the front fenders and bonnet. The suspension was also stripped out so that even the arches could be stripped back repainted! The door handles were then professionally shaved off and a remote controlled release for the driver's door release incorporated within the alarm system. A one off bodykit based on the front and rear look of a Nismo bodied R34 GT-R was then created. You'd expect this to be made with heavy filler, etc. but no - the front bumper, new fenders (Vented) and rear panel are entirely made of moulded FRP, so somebody actually went to the trouble ( expense!) of creating moulds for each bumper, rear panel, bottom section of the boot lid side skirts! This alone took hundreds of hours of professional work. Note also the red carbon bonnet which was another one off creation designed to match with the deep candy apple red paint! R34 headlights were then fitted, together with rear light clusters too, right down to working original reversing and fog lights integrated into the rear bumper. Most amazing is the fit and finish. no wavyness on the bumpers, or other panels - depth of sheen on the bonnet is also mind boggling! Note also the matching rear GT wing and red carbon finished door mirrors. There are even LED's for the indicators and side markers integrated into these.
Suspension: Not content with creating a bodykit that will provoke reaction and inspire conversation wherever it appears, the suspension has received considerable attention too. Original struts have been removed and replaced with a "Canovr" active control air ride system. This controls ride height with the use of compressed air. Inside the cockpit is a switch panel to increase or decrease air pressure at each corner, with more pressure meaning increased height, up to 160 p.s.i. per wheel. When you want to reduce ride height, you simply let off pressure with a resounding "psssssh!!!" There are two cylinders whichare maintained by a pressure sensing air pump. Once pressure is below 120 p.s.i. the pump comes on to restore to a maximum of 160 p.s.i. (Ignition has to be on for this to happen of course). This means you can slam the car to the ground for shows, or have it pawing one wheel in the air, etc. Wheels: 18" Chrome wheels with Dunlop SP Sport FM 091 tyres of size 215/35-ZR18 are fitted to each corner. These are newly fitted items. We can't help feeling these would be better replaced with 18" Volk Racing CE28N wheels (Currently on sale at 20% off from!
Interior: Have you ever seen a steering wheel more artistic than this? Created by Colorado Customs in the USA, this "Fire" design steering wheel is matched to the AC Technic Instrument surround and MPH / Km/h speedo and other indiglo instruments. Note the exterior matching red carbon shift and handbrake levers too. The foot pedals are "Optx" brand and are illuminated at night when the main lights are on. Note also the custom rear parcel shelf with 3 colour screens attached to the DVD/CD/MP3 receiver. At shows on on the move this car could be used to play music videos, etc. Other video screens can also easily be added to rear head rests, rear view mirror, dashboard, etc! The interior trim is standard - and although in mint unmarked condition would benefit from a complete retrim and a MEGA sound system with sub woofers mounted where the rear seat is! Note that due to the remote release mechanism in the doors, the electric windows have been disabled. There's an electric glass sunroof and climate control air conditioning system for ventilation.
Engine bay: As detailed by the previous owner, there's a low mileage 1.8 Integra Type R engine fitted (Using the original SiR Intake manifold), mated to the SiR automatic gearbox. An AEM induction kit is fitted. To improve the presentation of the engine bay there's a Spoon yellow engine cover fitted too. Note also the sports exhaust system.
Condition of this vehicle is absolutely show ready. Bodywork is in absolutely perfect condition throughout with not even a stone chip to report.
An absolutely unique car with well over £25,000 recently spent on creating it!
As this is an older car, it doesn't require an SVA test - all it needs is a simple MOT to prepare. Available for £9,495 as is - complete with full documentation and support to get the car registered. A 12 month comprehensive warranty (* Covers only genuine parts, not modified suspension, etc) would also be included.Alternatively we can supply at full 5 complete with new MOT, 6 month's road tax, full UK registration and 12 month's comprehensive warranty *. Please Contact us for full details of how to reserve this unique show car for yourself. A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment.
Note we can also ship this car to other eligible countries in Europe, etc.

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