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Skyline GT-R V-Spec. 600 bhp HKS 2.8 with T88 turbo. Very low mileage! GARAGE SAURUS prepared !!


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Skyline GT-R V-Spec. Modified T-88 Turbo Garage Saurus Special.






Aside from the Top Secret R33 V-Spec recently sourced, this and the 400R T88 GT-R (New stock at time of writing), this is the only other highly tuned low mileage R33 GT-R V-Spec we have sourced in the last 2 years. Not because we haven't seen others, but usually this spec of car comes having had a hard life....We only seek out those cars which have plenty of life to give and haven't been subject to hard use and wear. This example's a mint condition low mileage High Performance Stage 3 tuned missile for weekend track fun... This GT-R V-Spec has been extensively tuned to stage 3 by Garage Saurus - one of Japan's premier Skyline specialists, most noted for their preparation of cars for drag and fast circuit time-attack tune. Saurus have close ties with Greddy and OS Giken, also acting as their development engineers. Saurus are known for being the original developers of the T88-33D turbo and hold records for drag and track time attack in Japan. They are also builders of 8 second quarter mile 1,000 bhp on a regular basis. In our opinion experience, this is the best GT-R tuning company in Japan (Check out the preview of Fast East Extreme 2 DVD to see why!)
Well over £35,000 total has been spent in tuning this beast in Japan with most of the work confirmed as carried out by Garage Saurus, based in Saitama near Tokyo. Saurus are considered to be Japan's premier Skyline tuner. This is the company that develops new products for the likes of Greddy, HKS and OS Giken. Their workship is regularly packed with 8 second quarter mile GT-R's, Supras and high power Silvias. As you stand watching the technicians at work, you can see !,000 bhp cars at idle purring sweetly - their quality of engineering, workmanship and cars produced are legendary. Garage Saurus have been tuning the RB26 since 1990 and at each year's Autosalon their single demo car blows visitor's minds with attentiion to detail. Please see for Fast East Extreme - where there is a full interview with Hayashi (Boss of Saurus) plus a close look at their time attack R32 GT-R in action as it beats all other Japanese tuner's cars. With this example, everything from the engine to gearbox, suspension, brakes, wheels, etc. has been uprated to cope with the 500 - 600 bhp reliably. There is no other GT-R of this calibre for sale currently in UK.

Engine Spec Includes: Block uprated and bored for 2.8 litre HKS Step III conversion incl. forged pistons, h beam conrods and full-counter crankshaft. Also fitted are uprated camshafts, Tomei type B valve springs, and vernier pulleys, metal head gasket, uprated timing belt and drive belts, uprated fuel pump, 700cc injectors, Nismo fuel pressure regulator, Blitz mesh type air filters (Rated for up to 1,000 bhp), Nismo Twin Air Flow Meters (Rated for up to 775 bhp). Fitted is a Trust high capacity intercooler with hard piping kit. The Greddy T88-33D turbo kit includes: stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold (heat wrapped) remote wastegate. The downpipe is large bore and feeds through a light silencer which has replaced the standard catalyst. Exhaust system is a 2 silencer type, with a stainless steel back box. Boost is looked after by a no-nonsense Greddy Profec B Spec II unit. Fueling is taken care of by a Garage Saurus re-programmed ROM which we have checked on GT Art's Dyno now the car's in the UK (On 98 Ron fuel). Tuning is absolutely spot on with no need to remap. We have the dyno printouts to show the linear power delivery. At 1.3 bar there's 503 bhp at the wheels @ 7,500 rpm. This equates to an astonishing 670 bhp at the flywheel (Allowing a 25% loss of power through the transmission for a GT-R). The HKS full counter crankshaft forged engine components included in the 2.8 litre kit allow for safe reving up to 9,500 rpm. There's a Carrozzeria 1 G Plus heat stabiliser (Oil) strut bar fitted, in combination with a remote oil filter mount by the sump (For easy access from beneath). Radiator is a double capacity alloy unit. Radiator cap is a 1.3 Bar Nismo type. Oil filler cap is also Nismo. There's also combination oil catch tank / washer reservoir fitted. Note also that the timing belt has been changed by ourselves, as well as completing a full engine service as part of quality preparation.
Transmission Suspension: An OS Giken close ratio kit has been fitted to the gearbox to make an RH9 specification box. This still has synchromesh - so is usable for the street, but has better gear spacings for track or fast road use and will be stronger than standard. Clutch is a top quality OS Giken 2 or 3 plate unit complete with lightweight flywheel. Differentials remain standard, for ease of use on the road. The suspension coilovers are some of the best available on the Japanese Market - TEIN Type HT. These are of course fully adjustable, complete with remote reservoirs for high performance at all temps, with damping adjustable from the top of each unit. TEIN pillow ball front tension rods have also been fitted. These help provide increased steering feel and response.
Brakes Wheels: At the front, there are AP Racing 6 Piston Callipers with 370mm slotted vented discs mounted by alloy bells.. At the rear the standard 2 piston Brembo callipers are fitted. Brake pads and hoses are uprated too, of course. Wheels are Volk Racing TE37's of size 19 x 10.5J + 15 (The largest TE37's available for a Skyline GT-R fitment), combined with a mix of Dunlop Pilot Sport 285/30/ZR19 tyres on the rear with Bridgestone Potenza S-03 tyres on the front. Wheel nuts are Rays lightweight alloy (Black) with a puzzle lock nut.
Cosmetic exterior improvements: Nismo rear valence extensions, late model update front splitter, Signal Drag Spec rear spoiler, with an X-Treme carbon bonnet - secured with safety catches. Headlight main beam has been uprated with a high quality HID kit. Note there's heat shielding on the rear bumper around the exhaust. This is to offer protection when flames are made during higher rpm gearchanges! Nismo side repeaters have been fitted, but the front could be improved with clear indicators too. Also recommended would be original Nismo front bumper intercooler vents and Zacetec LED Nismo style rear light clusters. These items are all available through
Please note: The pictures show this car as having a drag style rear spoiler. This is now replaced with an original R33 GT-R adjustable rear spoiler instead. Some pictures of this have been added to the slideshow.
Interior Modifications: An array of 3 x 60mm white face defi gauges are fitted. On the A pilar there's a Greddy pod housing the oil temp and water temp gauges. To the right of the steering column there's a Defi water temp gauge on the dashboard. On the opposite site there's an Apexi boost gauge (Bespoke pods are available to house these more neatly if desired). A full array of white faced Nismo gauges was fitted since new to replace all original gauges.Note the Greddy Exhaust temp gauge neatly housed in the Nismo centre pod. The Speedo reads to 320 km/h. The original steering wheel is the facelift type as introduced in 1996. A turbo timer's fitted. Gearknob is from Nismo and there's an uprated leather gaiter too. Audio consists of a Sony Drive-S 52W x 4 head unit with CD/Radio. Speakers are uprated Kenwood items with remote tweeters at the front. There's also a sat nav system fitted, although this won't work in UK, except for the screen itself (Note: TV mount is removable). All electronics are used and therefore supplied without warranty. Driver's seat is a Recaro unit, able to offer considerably greater side support for the driver. If preferred, we can source an original BCNR33 driver's seat to replace this item. Alternatively we can upgrade to 2 Bride front seats (Leather, etc. is available). We can even retrim the door inserts and rear seats in Bride Fabric for less than you'd think! See for the Bride seat range.
Standard Dealer Option Specifications: This is a rarer and more desirable V-Spec model, complete with active electronically controlled rear Limited Slip Differential and adoption of ATTESA E-TS PRO system for the 4WD bias control. Also included as standard: Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, ABS, velour seats, privacy rear windows, adjustable rear spoiler, original full set of fitted mats, etc.
Test Drive: Initially we warmed this car up. Engine note right from the beginning is that of a tight engine with considerable tuning. Idle is smooth although slightly lumpy possibly due to uprated camshafts. Excellent oil pressure (5/cm2 at idle when cold, at ambient Japanese spring temp of 20 Deg C, 3kg/cm2 when at normal operating temp) too. Clutch feels near new with plenty of progression, despite being uprated. We started off at 0.90 bar of boost, once warmed. Turbos pull strongly and even at 0.9 bar, the car's making what feels like around 500 bhp. Putting boost onto a still conservative 1.2 bar gave much stronger performance as the turbo comes on stronger. Around 550 - 600 bhp + is how it felt from the driver's seat. Brakes and handling are sharp and drama free. The suspension's well controlled with good bump soaking response, yet no body roll on hard cornering. This is a seriously well sorted car in beautiful condition.
Interior is in excellent condition with no faults to report aside from the LCD screen mount which is located on the centre of the dashboard. This can be removed of course.
Bodywork is excellent and unmarked - now having been completed. To find all faults on the bodywork, we washed and chamois leathered this car before photographing. The rear bumper had residue near the exhaust area from flames (Normal on higher powered GT-R's)! This is polishable. The bonnet's laquer has some trapped bubbles showing, but this is minor. The nearside rear light had some water ingress and there was some leakage of water into the boot - This has been investigated and repaired as part of our UK preparation work. As to be expected on a car like this, there are some minor stone chips to the front bumper and the lip spoiler has some mild cracks in the paint. Not many at all though (See individual pictures). The front bumper has been professionally resprayed in any case.
Remember that well over £50,000 has been spent in making this special Skyline and with it's low genuine mileage - this presents a bargain as a well prepared and tuned example in good condition, for much less than half what it'd cost to buy a similar low mileage but std. GT-R, then build it in UK!
Now completed and ready to register! Viewing is highly recommended if you're serious about getting the best prepared GT-R available, in the best condition with the lowest mileage. Make no mistake, this is a seriously well prepared and very quick machine!
This car is being sold by Newera on behalf of our client. Price: £23,995 month's warranty (Some items are not covered under warranty due to high levels of modification), 6 month's road tax, paintwork repairs and full valet. Available as an EU Import for registration in Holland and Scandinavia countries.Please Contact us for further information regarding this car or to source an alternative high quality R33 GT-R to your own spec. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the best Skyline GT-R's in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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