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Skyline R32 GT-R Concours Condition - Stunning. BBS LM wheels. Now arrived to UK!


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Skyline R32 GT-R Pristine Example - BBS LM (073) 17 inch wheels.




Silver Metallic (KL0)


Nowadays finding a good R32 GT-R is becoming increasingly harder as time takes it's toll and so few owners give these cars the care they deserve. Destined to become one of Japan's most prized classic cars the good well looked after rust free examples are strengthening in price as collectors have begun to realise pristine examples are becoming a rare breed. This example has been beautifully preserved. This BBS LM equipped example will appeal to someone looking for the very best they can get to either keep near standard, or to use a great base from which to improve further to own tastes.
Performance and Cosmetic improvements. Power mostly cosmetics have been improved for enhanced but sensible road use. These include: Genuine 17” BBS LM (073) wheels with good tyres, Nismo boot lip spoiler, factory fitted privacy glass, upgrade to R33 GT-R Brembo brakes (Front rear), Apexi Power Intake kit, Veilside Evolution Stainless Cat back exhaust, JIC Carbon wrapped front strut brace, ARC Titanium cooling panel, Nismo short shift, Sparco suede Steering wheel, Blitz boost gauge. Plaque in engine bay states the clutch is a Nismo Twin plate. Car has been beautifully maintained with a recently replaced brake master cylinder, intake manifold gaskets and regular oil changes.
Further Improvements available: Although this car needs nothing added, if wanted, there's still more things the new owner can do to personalise for his own GT-R perfection (We're here to help!):If intending to improve performance, we can supply all manner of tuning parts, from a simple Power FC ECU upgrade with injectors, etc. right through a range of turbos to extra large bespoke oil cooler kits, a full range of gauges, suspension improvements, etc. To further modernise the looks of this car, R35 GT-R rear badge, Newera orange Crystal/clear/smoked front indicators and interior improvements such as, Nismo floor mat set, etc. We can also supply wilder parts like Abflug front and rear carbon diffusers. All available tuning parts for BNR32 available throughout Japan can be sourced supplied at discount from - Ask us for suggestions based on your personal requirements when reserving this car!
Factory fitted equipment includes: Rear privacy glass, ABS, Hicas 4 wheel steering, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, rear wiper, sports velour seats, etc. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained. The engine bay, interior, carpets, pedal rubbers, oil pressure, etc.- all indicate low wear and no abuse.
Interior condition: For 17 years of use, the car has survived very well and this includes the interior. We found no significant faults aside from a tiny cig burn mark on the door trim, which is easy to miss. Ashtray cigar lighter are unused there’s no smell of tobacco so it would appear the most recent owner was a non-smoker.
Exterior: This is a non-accident car since new. Bodywork is in outstanding condition showing signs of having been well cared for. In keeping with the low mileage, it's rust free - with none of the rot often found on the rear arches or anywhere else on BNR32's, nor on the underside. Paintwork is in excellent condition and shows signs the car’s been garaged much of it’s life, washed, polished and well cared for. The lack of stone chips to the front and no apparent damage to the colour coded front lip spoiler and fact the car’s still running low boost show it’s been carefully driven owned by a mature driver. Please note: Original pictures of this car were taken in light rain. Not being happy with the quality of pictures then, we have now uploaded examples taken in better weather to show the true quality of paintwork this GT-R has.. The only two faults we found after carefully washing and inspecting the bodywork are a small chip on the rear bumper and a light scratch on the front bumper. These will be carefully touched in with a matching paint stick before completion – Pictures clearly show each of these minor faults. We also noted there’s a small dent on the silencer of the Veilside exhaust’s underside. Nothing for concern, but mentioned here in order to provide a complete report on condition.
Engine Test Drive: After careful warming and extensive checks we took this car out to test can confirm it drives very, very well! It's got strong power and good response, in further confirmation this has been a well maintained car. Excellent oil pressure ((4kg/cm2 cold 2 kg/m2 when warm) at idle shows this is an engine in good health. Engine has absolutely no signs of wear, it's super smooth too. Clutch feels as if it's near new (Described as a Nismo twin plate – from the plaque next to the chassis plate in the engine bay) the gearbox is notably smooth and lacking in any of the often found signs of synchromesh wear found on these cars. We test drove this example for around 10 kms and found no faults to report at all. Engine pulls strongly from just under 3,000 rpm with power climbing all the way through the power range and is making approximately 300 bhp. The tightness of it's feel and care / money lavished on it suggests this car was used as a weekend toy and has never been on a circuit.
Make no mistake - this is one of the nicest original R32 GT-R’'s most original we're likely to have this year. As summer approaches, prices of top examples in Japan have already strengthened, so we're unlikely to find many good examples this year. Now arrived and undergoing UK preparation for registration. Viweing highly recommended if you're after a truly pristine well looked after example - you won't find a better one. Includes all costs such as full UK conversions, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, valeting, cost of road tax and new MOT.
Contact us using the inquiry form for further information regarding this Skyline GT-R or to source an alternative top condition quality R32 GT-R. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera - Consistently recommended by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's Club Members for supplying the best hand-picked GT-R's!

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