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Nissan Skyline R32GTR, Gunmetal Grey Metallic


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Skyline R32GTR




Gunmetal Metallic


This GT-R was sourced to order. As requested by the customer, we paid particular attention to finding a GT-R that was discreet in appearance with modifications that would enhance daily driving pleasure rather than make it uncomfortable. We also made sure condition was as high as could be found. This GT-R has been aesthetically improved with only mild tuning to allow it to remain easily drivable and usable for every day driving.
Standard equipment includes:
Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, ABS, Hicas 4WS, E/W, E/M, original option fitted mats, etc. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained.

Performance Improvements:

Standard suspension has been improved with some of the best units for road use available, here in Japan. These are Ohlins fully adjustable units, tunable for both damping and ride height. Currently height is not set low, giving plenty of ground clearance too. The damping can be set in minutes to give a smooth, comfortable ride for every day use, a stiffer ride for spirited driving when desired or any setting in between. To compliment the improved handling this gives, an original Nismo front strut brace has been fitted, along with a Cusco rear strut brace and Do-luck central body brace. All three of these braces work together to improve chassis rigidity whilst cornering, to help optimise tyre contact area. The Do-Luck centre brace does affect rear passanger leg room considerably. The alloy wheels have been replaced with factory R33 GTR 17" items, shod with healthy high- performance Advan Neova tyres (Size: 245/40 ZR17).
Skirts are optional Nismo items, which set the side of the car off well - without looking excessively dressed.
The engine is basically in standard tune, with original cold air fed airbox containing a HKS High Flow panel filter. A Splitfire engine earthing kit is fitted to improve the engines earth and thus spark performance. A High Pressure (1.3KG/CM) Nismo radiator cap is fitted. A Razo turbo timer is also currently fitted to allow the turbos to cool properly after a spirited drive. Uprated cross drilled, ventilated brake discs have replaced originals on each corner, combined with high performance pads for road use. A Cat-Back Kakimoto Racing Premium full mega N1+ Dual stainless steel exhaust system is fitted. If preferred, we can also currently supply a more discreet titanium tipped full exhaust system (used) at low price (Shown on This car is currently running the standard ECU, and therefore standard boost of approx 0.8 Bar. A remappable unit, such as an Apexi Power FC is available from This combined with a boost controller, would provide an extra 60 - 80 Bhp.

Inside the unsupportive factory seats have been replaced with a matching pair of top quality, black reclinable Recaro's, with embroided Recaro emblem on the upper backrest section. the standard steering wheel has been replace with a high quality Italvolanti leather item, as fitted to our own RX-7. The gearknob has been replaced with a Nismo Carbon/Stainless item. The central gauges to display Batt Volts, Boost and Oil temp have been uprated with Nismo white faced units. The Hi-Fi has been uprated with Carrozzeria (Pioneer in the UK) component front speakers, combined with a Kenwood Cd/Radio headunit with Sony 10 Disc CD changer, neatly mounted in the boot, all included free of charge with this car. The engine bay, seats, steering wheel, carpets, gear lever, indicator stalks, pedal rubbers - all indicate low wear and careful use. Interior is unmarked.

Auction grade is 3.5. Both interior and exterior are in immaculate condition. There are no faults at all to report to the interior, aside from a worn handbrake grip, that we will replace as part of UK preperation. The exterior has some light scratching/stone chipping to the rear of both sill trims. There is a scratch and a small pin dent to the n/s/r quarter panel and a single pin dent to the boot lid. We will have all of these faults professionally repaired as part of UK preperation. They are mentioned her purely for the purpose of a complete and accurate description. There are some small scratches to the black plastic lip spoiler, as this is not painted, we suggest leaving this, or filling the scratches and colour coding at a small additional cost.

The engine has good oil pressure (over 4kg/cm2 at idle when cold and 2.0 km/cm2 when at normal running temp), with a nice tight feel. Not a lot of paint peeling off the intake Plenum. Another good sign of genuine mileage. Clutch feels as if it has plenty of life remaining.
We test drove this example and found it went very well. No faults at all to report.

Total cost of modifications fitted to this car are approx. £5,500. Clearly the last owner didn't skimp on his car. All signs show this hasn't been a Skyline that's been driven hard and modifications are sensible to improve the car yet still allow it to remain relaxing to drive for daily use. We believe this car has been owned by a mature Japanese man,who has kept it garaged throughout most of it's life.

This car cost lower than the usual market price in Japan - so in keeping with our system, we chanrged the customer at costs + £900 fee. Inclusive of paintwork, etc as described valetting, - The of our fee to source to order was just: £9,685 OTR!R32 GT-R's are the best GT-R's as they're the lightest and rawest of the breed. An absolute classic that is still one of the most admired cars from Japan!

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