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1998 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution 5 White


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Lancer GSR Evolution 5






This Lancer Evo 5 GSR was sourced to order. Our customer's budget was lower than would usually be required for a top quality example - so we offered the option of supplying a car fully prepared, but without paintwork repairs, to be able to supply at this price. During our search, we found that the majority of Evo 5 GSR's on sale in Japan have rust underneath, due to these being excellent all weather cars for use in colder conditions, etc. combined with having no underbody protection as standard. We also found that most had rusty engine bays. Interiors usually suffer too, especially the driver's seat.
This example was an exception. Virtually no corrosion at all on it, with an excellent interior, it looks like a car that's been mostly used on the Motorway. As it's still restricted to 112 mph top speed, it's not lived a hard life:

Standard equipment includes: PAS, Dual SRS Airbags, Momo steering wheel, 4 channel ABS, Brembo brakes, Permanent 4WD system, Anti Yaw, Water jet to intercooler, Rear Wiper, Central Locking, Electric mirrors with retract mode, Factory fited Recaros, etc. Optional extras also include fitted mats. The exhaust is an uprated item (Blitz Nur Spec, if memory serves!) from the cat back. Wheels on this car don't really suit it, so instead - we supplied it with some replacement Work wheels, of exact fit for an Evo 5, 17" items with 4 good quality Falken Azenis ST115 sports tyres (Less than half worn). To get full information on the complete specification of a standard Lancer Evo 5 GSR, please visit: to get a full Lancer Evo buyer's guide in downloadable .pdf format - containing info on all Lancer models ever produced. This will be more comprehensive than any description we could put here.

Driving: Perfect with no faults at all to report. Once the turbo came in, it pulled very willingly! Clutch is fine, with plenty of life remaining. Didn't explore the handling much as the limits are so high, it's unlikely to slide at anything but insane corner entry speeds. AYC worked fine. Brakes pulled up with no drama at all. No signs of warped discs,or anything like that. In fact, it drove like a new and tight example with no faults noticed at all. Even a short trip around the block served to prove this is a helluva fun car to drive. Feels so polished and precise!!

The ashtray shows no use since new and the inteior is in good condition with no faults to report at all. The boot looks as if it's not carried much luggage in it's life. Auction grade is 4.0 (Auction sheet is available).

The panels are all straight and show this car's been well cared for. There are minor scratches on some of the bodywork, as follows: Front bumper has scratches to each corner. The driver's door has a very light vertical dent on it. N/S/R arch has a small crack that's been touched in (On the plastic part). Also there is a stone chip on the nearside quarter. Finally, the rear bumper has a small touch up mark. The front bumper is notably free of stone chips too - which helps confirm this car's not been driven hard at all. Note that the callipers are fading in colour due to heat - this is common on all Evos from Version 5 onwards (Previous models didn't have Brembo brakes as std). When washing and closely inspecting the car, we found it has a fair few tar marks on each side. The car could do with a good polish. We also recommend waxoyling it heavily underneath, in the engine bay and in cavities, to maintain the rust free condition the car's in now.

Complete with full UK conversions, E-SVA and first UK registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, full valetting and 6 month's road tax but excluding paintwork, this car was supplied at just: £9,800 orts - suppliers of the highest quality examples of the best sports cars from Japan. As recommended by J-Tuner magazine, Japanese Performance Magazine, internet car clubs, forum members and UK specialist tuners!

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