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1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33). Top Secret Bodykit. 380 bhp Stage 1 modified.


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Skyline GT-R (R33). Top Secret Bodykit. 380 bhp Stage 1 modified.






If you are after a Skyline that is set apart from the rest and will stop traffic as it becomes the centre of attention wherever it goes, then this is the car for you!This low mileage Skyline GT-R has been prepared with a full bodykit by (English site is available) comprising: Front Bumper, Rear over bumper and side skirts - which extend beneath the car to provide a smooth air flow path - to help the car remain stable at high speeds. Please note: The pictures taken show original Nissan orange indicators at the front sides. These are to be replaced with Nismo clear items, which will enhance the car further. Pictures will be available of these later - by request.The Wheels are 2 piece forged lightweight Work Meister S1's with correct offset for this bodykit (No Wheel spacers are fitted). Tyres are Japanese manufactured Trampio sports rubber of size 265/35/ZR18 at each corner. These wheels are in stunning as new condition. New they're worth in excess of £3,500 in Japan... These comprise just the visible part of this car's modifications. Beneath the skin, there are components to enhance this car's handling and power - yet still allowing it to be a relaxing car to drive for daily use.
Performance equipment includes a Mines remapped ECU, providing revised fuel, ignition and boost settings to give maximum available safe power from the very reliable RB26 engine, confirmed by the 4kg/cm2 oil pressure present when cold at idle and 2kg/cm2 when warmed. This is a low mileage tight healthy engine. A Greddy Profec B Boost controller enables it to run at a steady 0.9 Bar of boost - with current settings. In the engine bay, there's a pair of Trust "Airinx Gracer" induction cones, complete with alloy tubes leading to the air flow meters. A pair of Blitz alloy dump valves sit inside the o/s wheel arch, providing maximum protection against stalling the turbos when the throttle's released. An HKS intercooler has replaced the standard item. On the exhaust side, a large bore equal length downpipe feeds gases from the twin turbos into a Kakimoto Racing stainless steel exhaust system. These modifications combined give approximately 380 bhp at 0.9 Bar of boost. With equal length downpipes - this GT-R has a very healthy sound when driven strongly. For want of better terms, this GT-R sounds truly awesome when the loud pedal's applied on the open road!
The ECU is mapped for Japanese 100 RON fuel. Although octane booster can be used for hard driving, we strongly recommend setting the car up for UK fuel once it's completed in order to provide maximum safety, or fitment of an Apexi Power FC ECU that can be mapped for UK fuels.

Suspension. This GT-R carries the very best suspension setup we've come across so far this year on any GT-R. In the last 2 years, Aragosta suspension has quickly built a name for itself on the Japanese market as the manufacturer of the highest quality off the shelf systems available worldwide. The Shock absorber bodies are each made from milled alloy and annodised for protection against corrosion. Springs are manufactured by Eibach. This kit alone costs around £2,000 in Japan. This suspension set up allows full ride height adjustment as well as damping from soft, to full on track attack settings. Note that damping can be easily adjusted between hard soft by simply turning the knob at the top of each shock absorber - throughtfully, the rears can be adjusted from the knobs located at each corner of the rear parcel shelf. A sign of the quality of this kit is that it's comfortable in use on the roads, but can be used to full effect for track days too. Ikeya Formula upper and lower rear arms complete with rose jointed alloy bushes are employed at the rear, which maintain perfect geometry under hard use acceleration. At the front, Ikeya Formula lower arms and track rod ends are also in use. Expect seriously precise handling and feel from this GT-R!

Inside: A Momo "Race" steering wheel has replaced the original (ugly) SRS item from Nissan. A Greddy / Trust alloy gearknob is also included. An 180W high quality Alpine MD/Radio head unit with removable face is supplied free of charge. Interior's in good condition and this has been a non smoker's car, although there are 2 things we feel are letting the interior down: Firstly, there are 2 Greddy gauges located loosely inside the cockpit. These need to be fitted in a tidy fashion, so we have already ordered a twin 60mm Greddy A-Pilar pod, into which these gauges will be neatly mounted. Also, the thin vinyl gear lever handbrake gaiters are worn, so we will be replacing these with carbon look gaiters, which will give the interior a much fresher and complete look. There is no charge for these.

In total, around £12,500 has already been spent in improving this GT-R!! Further improvement suggestions. Apart from an Apexi Power FC ECU Controller unit as mentioned above, we'd recommend fitting an inexpensive stainless steel 3" catalyst replacement pipe, which will release further power and response whilst further inproving the sound this GT-R can make. Although we will be fitting Nismo clear indicators to front and sides, we feel the looks could be further improved by raising the rear spoiler blade with the use of a P1 Sport alloy kit. This is also inexpensive at only £155.00. Perhaps also consider some original Top Secret stickers to put on the back window. Parts are available from

Standard equipment includes: 5 speed manual transmission, Atessa 4WD system, Hicas 4 wheel steering system, PAS, E/W with auto up/down on drivers window, Climate control A/C, ABS, Fitted mats, Remote Central Locking, Remote Controlled Door Mirrors with retract mode, standard front and rear strut braces, Brembo four piston front brakes with Brembo 2 piston rear brakes.

The auction grade is 3. (Auction Sheet is available) The reason for this is due to the large amount of performance modifications taking the car away from Standard Condition. This GT-R is amongst the best we've found - which is of course why we bought this example for stock. Note that real mileage was also warranted by the auction.

Condition is superb throughout. There are some scratches and chips from the front bumper. On the rear bumper's n/s corner, there is also some mild cracking. The rear arches have been rolled in to accomodate the wider rims, but the paint was cracked then touched in. We will have each of these faults repaired as part of UK preparation to ensure we provide the car in immaculate condition. With no significant wear to seats, steering wheel, gearknob, switches, mats etc. Clearly a cherished example all it's life, paintwork is both immaculate and very smooth-clearly having been polished regularly!

Includes all costs such as cosmetic improvements repairs, SVA test, full UK conversions, 1 year's comprehensive warranty, valeting, 6 month's road tax and a new MOT. A deposit of £1,000 secures this Skyline for prompt shipment.

Please Contact us to discuss reserving this Skyline GT-R or to have us select an alternative example to your requirements.
Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners and GT-R club members.

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