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RX-7 Type R Bathurst (1 of 500 - final production model) Concours Condition.


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RX-7 Type R Bathurst (1 of 500 - final production model). Concours Condition




Blue Metallic (20P)


This pristine RX-7 Type R Bathurst final generation model took us around 3 months of daily searching to find after the most recent example of an RX-7 we had in stock (1997 with 1999 body conversion) attracted much interest. The Type R Bathurst was a last farewell production model built alongside the Spirit R's. Only 500  were built compared to the 1,500 Spirit R's. It was a special lightweight model made in the most popular original colours, yellow, blue & white. To us, the metallic blue is the most beautiful of these colours. It's perhaps interesting to note that Euro & US legislation banned pop-up headlights on production cars from 1999 and only Mazda continued to make the RX-7 (The MX-5 changed in 1999 in response) up till 2002, since this wasn't a model sold anywhere but Japan. So this is one of the last cars built with such headlights. With most RX-7 examples available even in Japan nowadays being tired and often in need of major expense to put completely right, we hadn't wanted to compromise & continued to search until we found this excellent example. Comparing closely with other RX-7's you may see on offer elsewhere, you can see why this car offers much better value for money than typically abused and poorly cared for RX-7's. It's essentially in concours condition and likely to be one of the very best in Europe when imported. We could certainly sell more than 3-4 RX-7's a year, but as we cannot find cars of the caliber we would want to own ourselves we simply don't compromise. With over 15 years of experience in sourcing these and having 3 highly tuned examples of our own, we are not only enthusiasts for these, but know RX-7's very well, so we can be confident of the quality we offer. We continue looking for another good pre 1999 model to re-create as a 1999+ styled example, but it is likely to take a while and it may be sold before it's advertised, such is demand for the best examples and the difficulty in finding them.   
An FD3S RX-7 as standard has excellent junior supercar performance & beint a lightweight car doesn't require major tuning. Better for road use is to have an easy to drive non-tempermental machine that can give 10's of thousands of miles and maximum enjoyment. The RX-7 was one of the fastest stopping cars in the world when introduced and today it's brakes still remain excellent, aided by ABS of course. Fine chassis balance is given by placement of the main engine components aft of the front cross member, which resulted in near perfect weight distribution. Tyre contact with road surfaces remains much more linear than most road cars due to double wishbone alloy suspension arms. There are few production cars with such quality of design and timeless body design that still looks so fresh today, as when it came out in Japan in 1992. Mazda got this car so right.
Original specification This example, being a 2002 final production model includes white faced instrumentation and different gauges to earlier models. Seat material is more luxurious than previous models, whilst still being lightweight. There is a Nardi leather trimmed sports steering wheel with SRS airbag & passenger SRS airbag too. The Type R Bathurst model's power was increased slightly over lesser models, offering 280 bhp as standard. Also included other nice touches such as lightweight alloy jack and  space saver spare wheel. Spec. also includes:  dual oil coolers, front & rear strut braces, PAS, P/W, AC, fitted mats, factory fitted privacy glass at the rear, etc. The driving lights have been retro-fitted, but are Mazda original option items.
Upgrades: Although standard in engine mechanical & turbo boost specification, the previous owner didn't pay much heed to cost, but fitted some of the best quality components available. There's a Fujitsubo Super Ti cat back titanium exhaust fitted. This is a good thing, as the original exhaust didn't sound nice at all, being quite "Wheezy" in a bid to keep noise levels down as standard. This is by no means a noisy exhaust now, just sporty without being loud enough to be anti-social. Wheels need no introduction and are TE37's (Forged lightweight alloy) of staggered 17 x 8J & 17 x 9J sizes with +38 offset, perfect fitment to avoid interference with the arches, even when hitting bumps at high suspension loadings & front wheels turned. Wheel nuts are RAYS Alumite with security locks. Suspension is some of the best available in Japan - Ohlins DFV coil overs. These are made only in Japan but being Ohlins can be serviced in the UK (Aurok) when needed. They're in good working order of course.  The intake kit is by Fujita Engineering, although the filter pods used are by HKS. Yellow, red & Green filters are available from us for servicing in future. Also fitted is Greddy intake piping incl. the intake elbow. Note also a Blitz blow off valve and an earthing kit are fitted. This earthing modification helps improve spark plug performance. Inside the car there's a Billion VFR Pro (Fan controller) to maintain low engine coolant temperatures and a Defi Link II controller with 60mm water temp gauge. These indicate to us the owner was careful to only use the car hard when fluids were up to correct working temperature after a cold start, which helps prolong the health of the engine. The headlights have also been changed for crystal type. Sanai Works side skirts are fitted. These are high quality and are not of dissimilar design to original Mazda option side skirts (Which were discontinued by 2002). They help protect the metal panels against stone chips. It's clear to us the previous owner cared about quality and keeping this RX-7 in as perfect condition as possible. 
Further Upgrades:  Although nothing further is needed for this car,  we're specialists in the supply of performance parts for RX-7's and know these cars very well, owning 3 ourselves. For more details please ask us for suggestions or visit:
Test Drive: Regularly serviced and well maintained with a recent oil change this car runs very sweetly - just an an RX-7 is meant to. We test drove this car briefly and found it to drive very well indeed. With an engine that pulls strongly when on boost, brakes that have virtually no wear & good suspension control. We found nothing that needed doing. The paintwork in as shown in stunning condition. We noted there's no pin dents at all on the body sides. Just a small one on the bonnet - incredible to see such condition on a car of this age, really but another indication of the care that has been lavished on it. Also note there are no stone chips and only one small scratch about an inch long on one wheel. All indicators show this car wasn't driven hard.
Condition is outstanding. From the care it's had we know this car belonged to a mature owner since new who liked to have a nice performance car but hardly used it. It's evident this car was always well cared for and not driven hard. There are just 3 minor bodywork faults we could find:There's a small blemish on the paint on the boot lid (See picture), a very light scratch on the passenger B-pilar and a small pin dent on the bonnet. None are anything needing attention although we will ask a dent specialist in UK to remove the ding on the bonnet if access can be gained (It's covered by the underside re-enforcement). Wheels as mentioned already have no scratches except for one about an inch long on the rear n/s, which is very light. The lacquer on these has aged a bit and the stickers are peeling off on two of the wheels (New stickers can be ordered if desired - they're inexpensive). Yokohama S-Drive sports tyres are good quality with plenty of life yet. Note the complete lack of corrosion to the underside too.     
RX-7's in as beautiful & low mileage modified condition as this combined at an affordable price are extremely hard to find nowadays, yet alone rare models like this. This example's clearly been hardly used. The engine is in fine health with good oil pressure & engine health. It's producing an excellent spread of power - perfectly healthy and with plenty of life to give with mileage this low. For further peace of mind when supplied to UK, a 12 month warranty will be supplied with this car also covering rotor tips and water seals.
Note the value of parts as fitted to this RX-7. As new they would have cost over £6,000 and enhance this car well. ontact us to secure this example from our stock or source an alternative top condition quality RX-7 to order.
Please note our hand-picked RX-7's always sell fast when we have them because they're the best there is. If you prefer to wait to see what else we have coming rather than reserve stock, or better still place an order and be first in line, usually you will miss the opportunity.Newera Imports is the only supplier consistently recommended by UK Mazda Rotary Club, FDUK Club members and the UK's top RX-7 tuners for supplying the best hand picked RX-7's.

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